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Getting violated for your viewing pleasure, Rockets win, MNF, crazy girlfriends trying to blow you up and much more: The update for Dec. 6

Mooooon River.....

Programming note: If you want to see me be violated on Facebook Live today, it will happen on the ESPN 97.5 Facebook site. OK, so it is just a prostate exam. It should happen around 10:30 a.m. No, you do not get to see the actual exam, but my reaction to it. I have struggled with these in the past so if you want to see me in pain, this will be your chance. (UPDATE: Here is the link).

All kidding aside, we raised $3,000 for men’s health by agreeing to let this be public. It’s a great cause and thanks to all who helped us reach our goals. Now my doctor is going to reach my…never mind.

Regardless, thanks to the ManCenters in Katy for working with us on this one.

On to the sports:

The good: The Rockets tried to sign Al Horford this last off-season to help them win games. Monday night it worked out, even though he is playing for the Celtics. Horford missed a game-winning layup with under a second left and the Rockets got out with a tough 107-106 win over the Celtics at Toyota Center. Another good win for a team that is much more fun to watch than last year’s group. And oh yeah, the wolf is back, as the Rockets matched his offer sheet from Brooklyn.

The not so good: The Colts mauled the Jets last night to go to 6-6 and join a three-way tie with the Texans and Tennessee. Indy is playing better football, just in time for a struggling Texans team to come to town. A loss Sunday in Indy probably gives the division to the Colts. Andrew Luck was on his game, and if he brings that Sunday, it is time to start talking draft.

Adios, socks: Charles James was waived by the Texans on Monday. He had a critical slip in Green Bay that led to a touchdown, but the reality is the fan favorite has been a negative every time he has stepped on the field this season. It should be no surprise.

In case you missed it: Two recent offerings on the site, starting with Lamont Mann’s piece comparing Texans to Game of Thrones characters. Meanwhile, site co-founder Stephan Kotin is spending some time in Holland and providing a visitor’s guide to Amsterdam.

Around the city: Carlos Beltran was introduced as an Astro yesterday. Not sure why, but some people do not like this signing. I do. It’s a low-risk one-year deal that adds veteran leadership to a young core. The kind of move you have to make to be a contender…Lane Kiffin’s name is popping up a lot in the UH coaching search. I will have an open mind if they go that way, but not a fan. I wanted Jeff Brohm, who wound up at Purdue.

Prank fail: Let’s say you have a girlfriend. Let’s say she is trying to wake you up. What is wrong with a traditional alarm? Nothing. But no, this crazy had to take it way beyond… It could have gone much worse.

This is why we can’t have nice things: If you are going to shell out a quarter million Euros for a car, don’t you take better care of it? Like, use the damned brake?


“You using the whole fist doc?”

— Chevy Chase in Fletch

3 Comments on Getting violated for your viewing pleasure, Rockets win, MNF, crazy girlfriends trying to blow you up and much more: The update for Dec. 6

  1. Come on Fred….you got plenty of experience for the prostate exam in the Chron Leagues!!


  2. Lumpy Space Princess // December 6, 2016 at 4:24 pm // Reply

    “Moon River”


  3. “Nite, nite, keep your butthole tight.”


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