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Yes it hurt, D-No, Baylor makes a great hire, three shames of the week and when you should break up with your significant other (hint: soon) — the update for Dec. 7

Fairly slow sports day, but that does not stop us from having lots of stuff…

First off, thanks to everyone who watched, commented and enjoyed the Facebook live we did of our prostate exams. I hope we were able to do something entertaining while at the same time raising awareness. If you have not seen it and want a laugh or two, you can find it here. And yes, it hurt. At least the Blitzers had some fun with it…


Meanwhile, this poster  is the winner of a contest we did in concert with Bedrock posterCity Comics. It was done by Curt Meyer, an incredibly talented young man. (He also designed the logo for this site as well as the cover of Acing Racing). I think it turned out to be amazing.

We will be selling these at Bedrock City and all proceeds will go to the 100 Club, which provides for spouses of slain police officers and firefighters, which is a charity I truly believe in. Once the poster is available, I will post a link here. We will also be doing a signing at the Westheimer store.

If you have not checked out Bedrock City, please do. They have five Houston area stores and have been a great partner on The Blitz. If you are a geek like me, their stores are a little bit of heaven.



Talking points: Comments on this site are welcomed and encouraged. I really enjoy healthy debate. But same as with the show, mindless trolls will not be tolerated. Anonymous posts that say “you suck,” “please die,” “waste of my time,” etc. will be deleted (and all of those have been in the last week. I don’t mind it when it is on things I write, but when people do it to our contributors who are no getting paid, it bothers me). It is cool to post anonymously, but people who hide behind that and offer nothing but pointless attacks with no substance or depth are simply losers. If you want to say “you suck,” expand on it. Why? In what way? Comments like that are welcome. It would be a boring world if we all agreed on everything. But I will never understand the mentality of people who simply make short, blanket attack comments, hiding behind anonymity. If you are one of these people, you might want to examine your life a little deeper. And get a boyfriend or girlfriend. Or a sex robot. Anything. You are contributing nothing to society. Now go polish your participation trophies and contemplate the meaninglessness of your existence.

Your opinion is needed: Finally, I was struck with an idea for my next fiction project. I threw it out on Twitter and the response was outstanding and people had a lot of good ideas. I really enjoy bouncing things like this off people, because they make really good suggestions and it enhances the idea. So if you have any thoughts, I would really appreciate reading them. (And if you start them off with “you suck,” all the better).

The idea would be to do a piece of historical fiction with the 1947 Texas City disaster as a backdrop. (My grandfather was there and survived). This was a major catastrophe, and I have seen historical accounts, but no one has built a really compelling work of fiction around it. I’m thinking a less cheesy Ben Affleck Pearl Harbor or Leo DiCaprio Titanic. Maybe something between that and Inglorious Basterds. It would have a mafia element to it. The working idea is to make it about the last remaining survivor, the guy who is personally responsible for it as a mob hit gone wrong and the guilt he has lived with. I would also create several fictional characters, of course. The rest would be as historically accurate as I can make it. What do you guys think? If you have thoughts or stories from your family to share, comment here or email me at

In the next year, I will be starting work on the sequel to Jesus Just Left Chicago, and will also start expanding Dust to Dust into a full length novel. But I wanted to dive into something fresh and this seemed like an interesting idea. Would love to get your opinion.

Bearing down: The Baylor Bears have been through a mess of a year, thanks to the Art Briles fiasco. But they made a really solid hire yesterday, getting Temple’s Matt Ruhle.  Ruhle is a terrific coach. It might take a couple years, because the Bears essentially have lost two recruiting classes and Ruhle is a defensive-minded guy, but I expect him to do great things there in time.

D-No: Donatas Montiejunas is not good at basketball. He is constantly hurt and has rarely had an impact in his Rockets career. Now he is refusing to report for his physical with the Rockets because they matched his offer sheet with Brooklyn. His idiot agent says “We have our rights.” Um, no, you really don’t. You could have reported, failed the physical and gotten what you wanted — sent to Brooklyn. Or you can not show up, forfeit that $9 mil per year and still be the Rockets property. Whether it is agent or player, somebody here is really being dumb.

On to the three shames of the week:

Oh, Billy: We could Bill O’Brien here every week. He is standoffish, a bit of a bully, and lately has not been very good at his job. When he constantly says “we have to coach better, we have to play better,” he really needs to focus on the coaching better. His playcalling gets worse every game on offense. Yes, he is dealing with this…


Sorry. I can’t stop using this.

But the reality is this team needs a legitimate, veteran offensive coordinator who can make quality play calls. This has to be a major offseason priority. The fans deserve better.

Shame bell No 1.


Enough already: The constant defense of Art Briles is embarassing. It does not matter how many cases he knew about. He covered up rape to protect his players. That is inexcusable. I am all for second chances, but murder and rape are different animals. The argument that “oh, look, he did so much for me” is selfish and shortsighted. Much like Joe Paterno or Bill Cosby, any good they did is meaningless in wake of the evil they supported. He is lucky to not be in jail. The idea of him getting another plum coaching job where he is in charge of college kids is absurd. To those of you who continue to keep this narrative going…

Shame Bell No. 2.


Silly way to die: No one likes snoring. When your partner does it, it is annoying as hell. But hey, that’s why we invented the couch. Or the guest bedroom. Leave the room and let them snot away.

And hey, a Frenchman is no big loss, right? But stripping your friend down and putting him outside in the cold because he was snoring is over the top. And it is not funny when the guy dies and you face manslaughter charges.

Shame bell No. 3.


Breaking up ain’t hard to do: About had it with your spouse? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? All of the above. Rest assured, if the end is near, it is coming soon. Statistics show that this pending day is the most likely for breakups. So get your “it’s not you, it’s me” or “can we still be friends” speach ready.


“Funny how they always want to be friends after they rip your guts out.”

— Starship Troopers, the movie


7 Comments on Yes it hurt, D-No, Baylor makes a great hire, three shames of the week and when you should break up with your significant other (hint: soon) — the update for Dec. 7

  1. Since it is Wednesday, that means it is “what are the odds Wednesday?”

    What are the odds some 5A-6A high school tries to high Briles? It really isn’t that far-fetched of an idea. After-all, he did start his career as a Texas HS football coach, even winning a state championship with Stephenville.


  2. It’s certainly a possibility. I think a college will eventually take a chance, and I also think it would be a mistake. But that’s just my opinion.


  3. Fred. 1947 explosion in Texas City. I was 8 years old and barefoot in the front yard of our home in the Houston Museum District near the MFAH. The ground shook and moved underfoot Spooky feeling.
    Dick Gregg


  4. Toby pennington // December 7, 2016 at 5:24 pm // Reply

    I remember my mom talking about the Texas city explosion..she was in school in port Arthur and the building shook and the windows rattled when it happened


  5. I wouldn’t say D-Mo was completely useless. During the 2014-15 season he stepped up defensively as Dwight was out for half the year… Of course, he missed a ton of games last year and was a no-show when they needed him the most. The Rockets don’t need him. If they need an extra body they can always just call up Josh Smith or something.


  6. If you suck, then why do they listen to the show or read this Web site? I’ve never really understood that dynamic. If I don’t like listening to someone…rich lord…then I don’t listen to them. What’s with the vitriol?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You guys do it better than the rest! Honest sports radio without biased, drooling opinions! Call a spade a spade!! Keep it up gents! (Need more of RJ Bell on the show as well!)

    Liked by 1 person

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