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Kiffin expected to be next UH coach (unless he’s not), Rockets roll again…Ever had a bad roommate? How about one that uses your toothbrush on his junk? Plus a terrifying lizard-eating spider story: The update for Dec. 8

Hide your wife. Hide your daughters. Joey Freshwater might be coming to town.

The University of Houston is expected to name a new football coach as soon as today. As we first mentioned on the Blitz yesterday, it appears Lane Kiffin will get the job.

Of course, other sources at UH are denying a decision has been made, so there’s that. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated on how it plays out.

Regardless, Kiffin, the offensive coordinator for Alabama, has had limited success as a head coach with the Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Volunteers and USC Trojans. He was likely in over his head in all three instances. After three years under Nick Saban, he has worn out his welcome there, too, and would have been moving on whether he got this job or not.

It is odd for a school that was so burned by Tom Herman leaving after two years to hire a man who left Tennessee after one.

You could make the argument he was too young for the Raiders job, and USC was hindered by sanctions, and that he has learned from three years under Saban. Fair points all.

But if you are looking for a longterm answer at UH — a guy who will stay — Kiffin is not it. If he matches Herman’s success, he will be on to the next big job as soon as possible. If he puts up a steady diet of 8-4 seasons, he will likely wear out his welcome anyway.

It’s a big name for the Cougars, but the jury is still out on whether or not it is a good hire. Kiffin inherits the most talented roster in the American Conference, thanks to the recruiting efforts of Tony Levine and Herman. (Including the incomparable Ed Oliver, who was named an All-American yesterday). He also will have money to hire the best possible assistants. He will have no excuses for mediocrity this time around. Is he the right man for the job? It’s easy to be skeptical, but time will tell. Not crazy about the hire, but I have been wrong before. Specifically…

Rockets keep on rolling: James Harden had another solid game, and Eric Gordon went nuts off the bench as the Rockets thumped the Lakers 134-95. It’s early, but the Rockets are 15-7, a half-game behind the Clippers for the No. 3 spot in the Western Conference. So far, the Mike D’Antoni hire is working out very well. This team is fun to watch, and you have to think they will get better as the season goes on and they have more time in a new system and all the new players get more accustomed to each other. I wasn’t crazy about the D’Antoni hire, but so far so good, and if you want me to be wrong about Kiffin, well…looks like I was wrong here. So there’s that.

Ouch: Brian Cushing has played OK this season, but might never be the playmaker he once was. Still gotta give him credit for being tough. He has been playing with two broken bones in his back.

In case you missed it: Last night we posted A.J. Hoffman’s fantasy rankings and a nice sarcastic piece on the Texans from Jayoff288.

This is why you don’t have roommates: If you share a place with another couple, bad things are going to happen. This dude is using a girl’s toothbrush in a very disgusting manner. If you are weird enough that your house mates are using hidden cameras…


And finally…Scared of spiders? After seeing this guy, you should be…He’s venomous. And he ate a lizard.


(In honor of Lane Kiffin?)

Your reputation FAR exceeds your skills, mammy rammer!

— Treat Williams as Critical Bill in Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead

4 Comments on Kiffin expected to be next UH coach (unless he’s not), Rockets roll again…Ever had a bad roommate? How about one that uses your toothbrush on his junk? Plus a terrifying lizard-eating spider story: The update for Dec. 8

  1. Rob Hernandez Jr // December 8, 2016 at 1:52 pm // Reply

    I, too was skeptical of the D’Antoni hire as well. It’s a fun team to watch! The Kiffin, time will tell. Interesting that he didn’t go to LSU to be their OC! Great read. Thanks!


  2. I wasn’t just skeptical, I absolutely hated the hire. Mostly because Dantoni’s system isn’t new, in fact, the best teams in the league have taken what he did in the past and perfected it, mainly the Warriors. So far though, Dantoni has elevated this team to a level they never reached last year. Then Morey brought in some great talent that fit perfectly with the system, including Gordon, who is basically everything we thought we were getting with Lawson last year.


  3. The way the Rockets are playing, and the way the Hawks are playing with Dwight Howard; it makes me wonder if Dwight Howard was the problem for the Rockets last year? I’ve seen a few games of the Hawks, and the Hawks play better when Dwight Howard is on the bench. And when he plays, they look a lot like last year’s Rockets. Thank goodness Dwight Howard is gone.


    • He killed the momentum during games and was just unhappy with the amount of touches he was getting. What’s funny is that, he went from “I want to be part of the team and play with the offense” to “I need to get more touches in the post”. During that postseason run where they went to the WCF, he was essentially doing what Capela is doing now, playing with the offense and getting touches organically. It’s clear that Howard didn’t want to be here and the Rockets were fine with that.


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