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UH coaching news, rock and roll, winter is here, gambling, a unique Florida masturbation story and more: The update for Dec. 9

Twelve Years Driven is a terrific band. They will headline a strong show that also features Mad Sons on Saturday.

The University of Houston ended its coaching search today. Major Applewhite has been named head coach and you can find our story here.


Winter is here: Hey, we actually got to freezing temperatures around some of Houston. It is always fun the way Houstonians freak out over weather. Hopefully you all survived the Great Almost Freeze of 2016…Fear the Polar Vortex and enjoy your one day of winter. Jon Snow laughs at you.


I am the Prince who was promised. I will probably get to nail Daenerys in Season 7. Stop whining about 35 degrees, Houston. Try living on the wall with a bunch of dudes.

Must-win: The Texans play in Indy on Sunday, and despite the fact that both teams are tied, this is a must-win for the Texans. Falling a game behind with just three to play would be a death knell for a team that simply can’t score. This game really is the Texans season, and it is hard to feel confident about a group that has lost three in a row and is going into a building where they have won once in their history. And by the way, the Colts are coming off their most impressive win of the season…

Nice local show: Two of my favorite bands, Twelve Years Driven and Mad Sons, head a show this weekend at Acadia Bar and Grill. If you have not seen these guys, you are missing out. A great way to spend a Saturday night.

Speaking of music….Random meaningless thought..I’ve been listening to Hair Nation a lot lately on Sirius/XM. Those were all the bands from my era. I guess when you get older you see things differently. It occurs to me now every song was about one of three things: sex, breakups or suicide. (With the occasional anthem to rock and roll thrown in — Bang Your Head by Quiet Riot, I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister). It also occurred to me how much I wanted to hook up with Lita Ford back in the day. (And no, I do not want to know what she looks like now).

Building up: The Super Bowl is only two months away, and the city is adding food places and bars left and right, especially near Discovery Green. It has been fun seeing Downtown’s transformation over the past few years. The big question is after the game, can we sustain all this?

Gambling plays: The Chiefs were an easy cover last night (gave it out on the show with the under — win/win) and the teams are now tied atop the AFC West after a 21-13 Chiefs win. Will have a full gambling guide today, but Atlanta at the Rams may be our strongest play of the weekend if you want to punch a ticket now.

Walking dead: Art Briles really needs to go away. His lawsuit is going to go badly for everyone. If details start coming out on both ends, it could get very ugly.

Want to live to be 120? Just have to give up one thing, it appears. I’ll pass.

Ah, Florida: One of the best Florida stories in a while. Let’s just say this young lady has an active libido…And this poor deputy got more than he bargained for.


Come on start a fire
In my electric chair
Baby cross my wires
Light up my hair
Overload my circuits
let me feel the juice
make me an offer
that I can’t refuse… 
Blow my fuse”

— Blow My Fuse, from the 80s hair band Kix. Wonder what those lyrics are all about?

4 Comments on UH coaching news, rock and roll, winter is here, gambling, a unique Florida masturbation story and more: The update for Dec. 9

  1. AFC South Finishing prediction:

    at Indianapolis- Loss
    vs. Jacksonville – Win
    vs. Cincinnati – Loss
    at Tennessee – Loss
    Final Record 7-9

    vs. Houston – Win
    at Minnesota – Loss
    at Oakland – Win
    vs. Jacksonville – Win
    Final Record 9-7 Wins AFC South

    vs. Denver – Loss
    at Kansas City – Loss
    at Jacksonville – Win
    vs. Tennesee – Win
    Final Record 8-8

    All that to say the Texans will go from leading the AFC South for 11 weeks to finishing 3rd. I knew it was going to be a long season when I watched Brock throw those 20yd dying quail passes in training camp. It is time for Rick Smith and Bill O’brien to go elsewhere. Smith can’t assemble a roster and O’brien is too predictable.



  2. I think Indy winning at Oakland is asking a lot. And I could see the Texans beating the Bengals…for a three-way 8-8 at the top of the division. Boy, can’t wait..


  3. One more tidbit..
    Texans were 5-3 the first half, per my predictions will finish 2-6 the second half
    Colts were 3-5 the first half, will finish 6-2 the second half
    Titans were 4-4 the first half, will finish 4-4 the second half


  4. Any gambling updates?


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