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Still bitter at UH, Rockets roll a 7, UFOs are coming, fake Florida dentists and more: The update for Dec. 13

University of Houston officials said that Texas rejected an opportunity to lower Tom Herman’s buyout by playing home and home football and basketball series with the Cougars.

While the immediate reaction from Cougar fans was that Texas was somehow scared, the reality is it does not make sense to commit for what is essentially a pittance buyout for a school that pulls in as much as it does in its football program.

While Texas should play UH in basketball — there are plenty of opportunities to schedule in state — football is another matter. Schedules are made years in advance, and the playoff committee has put a premium on playing tough opponents out of conference. Who knows what UH will be in 2022? Why lock yourself in to a game that might actually hurt you down the road? Especially when you can just write a check and have the flexibility to do what you want?

I get there is some bitterness at UH over losing Tom Herman to the Longhorns and failure to get in the Big 12, but but it is also kind of petty. Everyone needs to just move on.

jeff-fisher-092515-getty-ftrjpg_1c84g697c2ahe1fv02rwr6b3lkAdios, loser: Jeff Fisher may be one of the greatest con men ever. He has somehow convinced people he could coach long enough to have been in charge of a team in the NFL for 22 years. Maybe he sold his soul to the devil. Maybe he just had people fooled. But the Rams finally fired him on Monday. His teams had winning records just six times in 22 years. In five years with the Rams he never had a winning record. But have no fear, Fisher fans. Someone else will give him a chance. Meanwhile, of course Jon Gruden’s name has come up with the Rams.

Rockets roll a 7: The Rockets won their seventh straight game last night, holding off Brooklyn 122-118. James Harden scored 36 with 11 assists and Eric Gordon added 24. It was not easy, but the Rockets got it done. Defensively they were not at their best, but they all won’t be pretty in an 82-game season.

Florida. Fake dentist. What could go wrong? Everybody hates the dentist. So why would you pretend to be one? Because Florida.

Yes, another UFO: The alien invasion is coming. Get your tinfoil hats ready.

If you are going to quit a company…go out blazing. That is what this fellow did.


“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.”

— The Usual Suspects 



1 Comment on Still bitter at UH, Rockets roll a 7, UFOs are coming, fake Florida dentists and more: The update for Dec. 13

  1. I thought the quitting story was going to be something along the lines of defecating on the boss’ desk or something… It actually wasn’t too bad. That’s how I would go… Also, retirement sounds awesome right about now.


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