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The D.C. establishment’s last minute Hail Mary to stop Trump

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a frequent contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff. His political views are not necessarily reflective of those shared by the site or its advertisers.


All you can do is laugh.   The hatred is real!   Trump won the election and some in D.C. are trying to take him out before it’s official.  I am not sure if they are trying to swing it to Hillary Clinton,  discredit Trump’s Presidency or setting him up for impeachment, but it’s definitely comical.  

One thing I am sure of, the Washington D.C. establishment does not want Trump in power.  Since the election, I have observed three things I have never seen after an election:


  • Third party clear loser recount
  • Threatening electoral voters
  • Russian hackers


This is laughable. First, Jill Stein (led by Hillary Clinton’s team) tried to invoke a recount in a few traditional Democrats states, and it failed. Stein came nowhere near winning and suddenly requests a recount?  The kicker: Clinton’s campaign participated in the recount according to reports.

There are numerous reports of electorates being threatened to switch their vote. I have also observed the media focusing on electoral voters switching their votes. If it was only voters, I would laugh, but from what I’m hearing and reading, big D.C. wigs are lobbying electorates to switch their vote. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Finally, the RUSSIAN HACKERS.  I saw the hacker story developing the minute Donald Trump won the Republican nomination. It was expected by everyone that Clinton would win and no one actually thought Trump would surprise, but I think this was the Democrats fail safe (in case she loses, we have this nugget).  This was even after President Obama laughed at Trump before the election for thinking things could be rigged. President Obama basically said, rigging elections is nearly impossible and Trump should stop whining.

I think the Russian Hacker story is a farce. Yes, I believe foreign governments try to influence  elections and policies and America does the same to foreign governments. I mean did the hackers also hack the Congressional and statewide votes that the Democrats also got smoke in?

Minority Voters

Minority voters, you have been bamboozled, hoodwinked, AGAIN by the media.  Without any evidence of racism, the media made you believe Trump is a racist.  He went at illegal immigrants and Muslims from a sovereignty perspective but it was twisted into racism. I get it, that’s the game the media plays.   The media focused on the racism angle for two years.  They were trying to influence how minorities would vote.  Post election, there are no words of racism or bigotry  — funny how that happens.  In an odd twist of events, high profile blacks (Kanye, Ray Lewis, Jim Brown) are meeting with Trump and I believe there will be more.

Did Trump suddenly stop being racist after the election? No! He never was and they knew it. They were trying to shape the election and failed, but minorities are still left with rhetoric burned into their heads by the media.  The media has moved on from racism; minorities are useless to them now, so tagging someone with racism is yesterday’s news.

All about timing

Here is the deal, Trump is not a popular election winner. He hates the media and the media hates him.  Trump  has taken shots at media and they will continue to go at him and he will continue to fire back.

If you are wondering why is this kicking up now, look at your calendar. We are approximately a week out from electorates certifying Trump on Dec. 19th so it’s a Hail Mary in the fourth quarter with seven seconds remaining.

2 Comments on The D.C. establishment’s last minute Hail Mary to stop Trump

  1. I don’t think trump is racist. I think he suffers from “affluenza”, and thinks he can do and say whatever he wants. I think he is serving as a “useful idiot” to certain people though. As far as HRC….she’s an idiot. It was a no win for America for the next 4 years.

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