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A Savage move, Cowboys keep rolling, Vegas beatdown for UH, holographic girlfriends, Christmas tree snakes and more: The update for Dec. 19

Hey coach! How do we get to 9-7 with me lost for the year in Week 2?

The Texans are still in the driver’s seat to make the playoffs after Sunday’s harder-than-it-should-have-been 21-20 win over Jacksonville. In the end it was notable for two things: The Texans benching of Brock Osweiler, and the long overdue firing of Jags coach Gus Bradley.

The Texans made the right move in switching to Tom Savage, albeit a little late. No decisions have been made, but it would be a shock if anyone other than Savage started against the Bengals. Savage is in his third year in the system, and played like a guy who knew what he was doing.

Still, this could very well be a band aid on a gunshot wound to the head. Savage has been


Love me, Tinder. No one else does.

injury prone throughout his brief career, and the spark he provided could easily backfire if he gets hurt and this guy has to return to the field. We will see what happens next, but at least Texans fans got what they wanted.

Bob McNair called it a “gutsy” move.

Regardless, the Texans are now one win away from returning to the playoffs if they can beat resurgent Tennessee in Week 17. The Titans went on the road and beat Kansas City and also have a win over Denver under their belts, so the move to Savage may yet prove to be too little, too late. But at least the Texans avoided an embarrassing loss to a team that is playing out the string.


Elsewhere in the NFL: Dallas took care of business and knocked off Tampa Bay to move to 12-2 and hopefully shut up the ridiculous “should Romo start” hot fake takes. For a look at all the games, here you go. For a fun, snarky look at the games, check out our friends at

Eww H: The Major Applewhite era got off to an inauspicious start as the Cougars were mauled by San Diego State in the Las Vegas Bowl. Greg Ward, Jr. had one of his rare disaster games, and the Cougars simply looked disinterested. Hard to judge off one bowl game but Applewhite and his new staff will have to do a much better job moving forward.

Gambling recap: 2-1 on actual plays (tough beat with Toledo), 2-2 if you count UH, which was just an opinion and not a game we were going to play. We went 2-0 on NFL after scratching the Lions over. Again, grinding out around .500 down the stretch but did hit our biggest play on the Steelers so a profit is a profit. We also hit one of our horse plays. Regardless, big play coming tomorrow.

Self love: Speaking of fake hot takes, Skip Bayless took it to another level, forgetting to switch accounts in order to praise himself. He wound up using his own account to tell himself how much he loves the new show. Pretty weak.

Pretty sure I have seen this on Archer: A holographic virtual girlfriend who texts you throughout the day? Creepy, even by my standards.

 And finally...Merry Christmas. Make sure you check your trees for deadly snakes.


“I’m just glad I wasn’t the one that had to make that decision. I mean, that was a gutsy call. Give coach credit, he made a change and it was for the good of the team. We benefited from it. Now we have three good quarterbacks and we are proud of all of them.”

— Bob McNair on the Osweiler benching


2 Comments on A Savage move, Cowboys keep rolling, Vegas beatdown for UH, holographic girlfriends, Christmas tree snakes and more: The update for Dec. 19

  1. ” Now we have three good quarterbacks and we are proud of them all.” Uummm,ok Bob. #buyersremorse


  2. It’s hard to judge a new coach’s debut on a bowl game, which is essentially an exhibition game. The players don’t really care, the coaches are still trying to figure things out. I mean, even if they had won, that wouldn’t have been indicative of Applewhite’s tenure moving forward.


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