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How to get started in media, some gambling advice, Texans, Rockets, UH/UT and a butt dial gone horribly wrong: The update for Dec. 20

So it is a Tuesday, which is traditionally the worst day of the week. The next weekend is too far away, plus you have now recovered from the prior weekend and have to get back to adulting for a few days.

So we will keep it fun today and maybe go off script a little with some career and gambling advice.

One of the most common questions I get is how do you get started in radio/TV/media.

The reality is there is no tried-and-true path. And if you are expecting six figures right out of college, you are going to be sorely disappointed. But if you are trying to pursue any of those careers, there are some basics that will help:

  1. Communications degree. While not an absolute necessity, unless you are a former athlete or already have some media experience, this is a must. Even if you go the junior college route while working a real job, you will get essential training. It won’t mean anything once you have a job in the business. But it will certainly help you get one.
  2. Internships. Do as many as possible. This helps you a) see what you are getting into, b) gets you much-needed experience and c) starts the all-important networking process. As far as networking goes, this will be critical. At some point, someone with some authority will have to like you and will give you a chance. That’s just the reality of any business. An internship might provide that opportunity.
  3. Start a podcast. This is a good way to work on your chops, build an audience and hopefully get noticed. Consistency and quality are critical. If you are doing it once a week, do it once a week every week. People are creatures of habit and will keep coming back as long as you are there when you say you are going to be there.
  4. Build your name up. You can do that by starting your own web site or contributing to others (such as this one). Like anything else, if you do enough quality work someone will notice.
  5. Be patient. No one wants to hear this, but the reality is you can expect to be doing a lot of work for no money in the beginning. So you can’t consider it to be work. You have to look at it as fun and an investment in yourself. Make sure you have a way to pay the bills, because this will not do it for a long time.

And finally, money talks. If you build up your podcast and start getting sponsors, you can buy time on a station and get your show going that way. It works the same way with TV. A lot of really good people have gone that path and it has paid off for them. Whatever path you take, good luck. It’s not easy. The biggest reason people fail is they are not willing to put in the effort and grind it out for an extended period of time. It can be a long process, and not everyone wants to do that. But that’s anything in life; how hard are you willing to work?

On gambling…Memphis is now plus-7 against Western Kentucky. This is my strongest play of the bowl season. It does not mean it is going to work out, but here is the thinking:

Memphis’ four losses this season came against Ole Miss, Navy, Tulsa and South Florida. Navy was healthy at the time and a Top 25 team. You got a sense of what Tulsa was about yesterday. And South Florida was very good all season. The AAC is no joke, and the talent level Memphis has faced is much tougher than Western Kentucky. If Memphis wins, the conference will have SIX nine-win teams this season. That’s solid.


Riley Ferguson will try to get Memphis home for us tonight. If not, maybe he will have a career in media.

The Hilltoppers have had a great season, but their coach bailed for Purdue, the interim coach is a defensive guy who wanted the job and did not get it, and you have to think none of that will be a positive. Memphis has had coaching stability and QB Riley Ferguson really came into his own this season. The computer essentially has these teams dead even. So I get seven points plus all the turmoil on the other side? These are a lot of factors in my favor.

I am also hitting the button on a straight bet on Memphis. If I’m wrong? Oh well. My account will take a beating. But I feel good about the thought process behind the play no matter what. And that’s really all gambling is; compile as much information as possible and make the most educated decision, then live with the results.

Also, apologies for not posting the Tulsa pick on the site yesterday. Have been tied up dealing with real life and I just forgot to add it.

Oh, and if you are still playing parlays…please pick up the audio book. I understand the appeal — betting a little to win a lot — but you are essentially playing a lottery ticket. The payoff never matches the odds against hitting it. If you must play them, good luck, but they are not something I play or recommend.

Ouchtown population you: The Rockets have been on a roll, but they will be without Clint Capela for a stretch. They have managed to stay remarkably healthy so far but this is a blow.

No. 1 with a bullet: The Texans defense has gotten better and better as the season has gone on. They are now ranked No. 1 in total defense. It is quite the accomplishment considering how much time they have had to spend on the field thanks to an ineffective offense. And in case you missed it this morning, Lamont Mann thinks wanting to play the Titans for a playoff berth the last week is a bad idea.

Moving on: Two more UH assistants have bolted for Texas, which was expected. Now Major Applewhite can begin compiling his own staff. Here’s a tip: Don’t just hire friends or people you have been working with. Get the best guys for the job no matter where they come from. Applewhite’s success or failure will come with the decisions he is about to make.

Butt dial gone wrong: We have all done it at one point or another. But if you butt dial 911, make sure you aren’t talking about robbing a restaurant. These Kentucky yahoos did just that.


“Nothing good ever happened on a Tuesday.”

— Me

3 Comments on How to get started in media, some gambling advice, Texans, Rockets, UH/UT and a butt dial gone horribly wrong: The update for Dec. 20

  1. I was going to do a small play on Memphis at plus 5.5, but when I saw it at 7 I hit it a little harder. Thank God for slow days at work yesterday or I would have forgotten about the Tulsa game; was able to get my bet in a few minutes before kickoff.


  2. Are you still leaning over the 80 today?


  3. You can always try to win Rock The Mic… #UntoldRiches


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