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Lebron’s “statement” is misguided

Editor’s note: Jayoff288 is a longtime Houston sports fan with a nice sense of sarcasm that plays well on Houston Sports and Stuff.  Follow him on Twitter at Jayoff288 


Make no mistake about it. LeBron James is the King.

A child prodigy, The Chosen One, the savior of a city — even Jordan never approached this status.

In today’s world of DWI’s, drug convictions and domestic violence, LeBron’s record is spotless. He is by all accounts a model citizen. A sponsor’s dream. A role model. Fill in the blank. He’s the greatest.

So it’s no surprise that Sports Illustrated recently named James their “2016 Sportsperson of the Year.”

On the cover of the new magazine is a picture of James, wearing a suit, fastened with a large safety pin on the left side of his jacket. Why the safety pin?

The safety pin has turned into a political statement recently — a symbol of solidarity. It’s meant to show others that you’re a safe person to turn to, someone who has their back. The pin is supposed to be a symbol of unity among people who fear they will be disenfranchised by Donald Trump.

When I discovered this during my research I laughed.

To “disenfranchise” someone is to deprive them of their rights, specifically their right to vote.

No matter what your political opinion is, I want to make one thing clear: Donald Trump doesn’t have the power to deprive anyone of their rights. This is 2016.

Forget what he said on the campaign trail as he trolled every media outlet in the world. He’s not deporting millions of people, he’s not building a wall, and he’s not cutting our deficit in half by simply renegotiating the terms. (I could write an entire book on why he said those things while campaigning, or why people who run for President break so many promises on the campaign trail, but this isn’t the forum for that).

The safety-pin symbol just doesn’t make any sense. Quite frankly, I think it’s ridiculous. In part, I blame Trump for the backlash. However, there is plenty of blame to go around. Some of that blame also should be placed on the people who fell for the gimmicks and hyperbole President-elect Trump used while campaigning. Stealing a Fred Faour Fredism- plenty of “Shame Bells” to go around here.

I really don’t understand why Lebron would use this opportunity to portray himself as a safe person to turn to after this election. He has a valid argument against Trump. But, his conclusion of being a safe person to turn to is false.

Simply put, Lebron isn’t a safe person to turn to because he remains unreachable. Ordinary people have no way of turning to him for safety. It’s not like they can call, text, or show up at his doorstep.

This is Lebron James the King we are talking about.

Athletes should be careful when throwing out arguments that aren’t sound. When they do so, their conclusions are flawed and they look silly.

I could be way off base though.

I sent Lebron a tweet asking for help in this post-Trump election.

He didn’t reply.

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