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McGrady a Hall of Famer? Rockets, Texans, where women want to have sex and cross-dressing: The update for Dec. 22

The basketball Hall of Fame nominees came out, and the name that will jump off the page at Rockets fans is Tracy McGrady.

McGrady was an incredibly talented player who never quite reached his potential due primarily to injuries. By the measure of the other major Hall of Fames — Pro football and baseball — he would have no shot.

A Hall of Fame should be reserved for the best of the best; players who transcended their sport. Football and baseball let in too many, but there are at least relatively high standards.

The basketball Hall will let in anyone who was pretty good. Bernard King comes to mind. So, too, Dominique Wilkins. Those guys were really good players who never won titles, but are in the Hall. Throw Calvin Murphy on that list, too.

In my mind, McGrady is not a Hall of Fame, transcendent type player, and does not belong in a Hall. But by the standards basketball has created, as a two-time scoring champ and seven-time All-Star, he is a dead mortal lock to make it.

So you can debate his merits all you like, and have a nice conversation about whether or not he deserves to be in. But because of the standards (or lack thereof) established by the voters, McGrady is a no doubt Hall of Famer.

Speaking of the Rockets...They bounced back with a nice win over the Suns, one night after losing a heartbreaker to the Spurs. That is 11 wins in their last 12 if you are counting at home.

Paying the tab...or not: Turns out the veteran Texans DBs say they were playing a prank on rookie K.J. Dillon and are helping him pay the tab from their night of debauchery. The cynic in me says they were reacting to the negative publicity they got. And the embarrassment that comes with 22 shots of Hennessey that topped $350 each…

Stairs? Ok…A study has determined the places women fantasize the most about having sex. No. 1 is a surprise. Some of the other findings might surprise you. Chances are your special lady is fantasizing about her boss…(or, for our female readers, odds are YOU are doing that)…

Spicing things up: Apparently, cross-dressing as your significant other is a thing. Good luck to all of you in this endeavor.


“Sex is full of lies. The body tries to tell the truth. But, it’s usually too battered with rules to be heard, and bound with pretenses so it can hardly move. We cripple ourselves with lies.”

— Jim Morrison

1 Comment on McGrady a Hall of Famer? Rockets, Texans, where women want to have sex and cross-dressing: The update for Dec. 22

  1. While I agree with you that t-mac doesn’t belong in the hof, basketball hot is different than the other sports. BB hof includes the whole BB career, amateur included


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