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Christmas cheer, gambling, little kids getting hurt in videos and more: The holiday update for Dec. 23

Yes, more hotties. Are you not entertained?

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate. Happy Holidays to the rest of you. If you missed the first 30 minutes of the show yesterday, well…this is how we do a Christmas special. It is hour one of the podcast.

Also, the station will be at Nick’s Place today from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the Nick’s Christmas party. I will be swinging by briefly around noon. Bedrock City Comics will be there and the limited Blitz posters will be available.

Will likely be taking a few days off here at Houston Sports and Stuff for the holidays. If the Texans game means anything, there will be a writeup at some point. Also might add a gambling guide later today. But for the most part, the team — er, me — will take a few days off.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mostly harmless? Most likely, the AFC South race is going to come down to next week’s game at Tennessee. So Saturday’s Texans game against the Bengals likely will not mean much.

On the very small chance somehow Tennessee was to lose in Jacksonville, a win over the Bengals would clinch the division. The good news is since Bengals-Texans is a night affair and the Titans game will be over, the Texans will know if their game means anything.

Should the expected happen and the Titans win, the Texans should sit as many key pieces as possible and avoid injuries, because the following week will be their season.

Staff injection: Major Applewhite starting hiring coaches for his first staff at UH. The big jobs are still available but at least he is getting a few slots filled.

Back on the horse: Or the Vandal, as it were. Idaho not only covered the 16.5 last night, they won the game outright. That puts us back in the black for the bowl season after the Memphis debacle. May or may not do a full on guide this week, but looking at Chicago plus 3 against Washington and Tampa-New Orleans over 52 in the NFL. The Saints overs have been trusted friends all year. So, too, has Old Dominion, and we will take them -5.5 tonight against Eastern Michigan.

I know I am a sick person, but…This is an old video, but a friend sent it to me yesterday and I laugh every time I see it. Kids running over kids in toy cars — you can’t beat that.

Oh, and a wedding brawl…Apparently the bride “serviced” her ex two days before her wedding, and he distributed pictures of the act at the reception. Hilarity ensued. Language is NSFW.


“The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.”

— George Carlin


1 Comment on Christmas cheer, gambling, little kids getting hurt in videos and more: The holiday update for Dec. 23

  1. Fred, how about a gambling guide? I love your input whether I win or lose. It’s a great thing you do


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