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Drunk Disco reviews local bars, a multi-part series: Grand Prize Bar


Editor’s note: Disco Biscuit is a frequent contributor to the site. She is currently embarking on a tour of downtown/Montrose bars and reviewing them. 


OK, so this review needs to be prefaced thusly: Saturday night was my best friend’s birthday. We’re almost 30, and while I can still drink like I’m 22 I definitely don’t recover like I’m 22. So I woke up on my friend’s couch at like 5:30, went home, and went right back to bed. I woke up with a splitting headache at noon and with that the realization that I would have to go out and drink again. So I watched the Texans game from my couch, rallied, and dragged myself out the door.

Located just off Montrose one block south of 59, Grand Prize Bar is at once unassuming and also very in your face. Since it’s not right on Montrose, I’ve probably walked directly past its general location one hundred times and not noticed it. But at night it was so lit up with Christmas lights I’m not sure how I could have ever missed it. When we walked in, there were 10 people there, including the two bartenders, and we never saw a bunch of people come and go, but it always seemed like there was a steady stream of customers. The inside is perfectly simple – a long bar pulls you in and leads to a small kitchen, a pool table, and a pretty rad juke box. Because I had gone so hard the night before, I decided that drunk disco was taking a break tonight and would instead be three beers and head home. I ended up loving this bar for that type of night.

Drinks: 8.3/10

OK, if there’s draft beer at this place I don’t know where the taps are. But they have a very good selection of local beers and your standard drinks. They even had a stout from 8th Wonder which I frankly didn’t even know existed. I ordered this immediately, and tried not to vomit because my stomach wasn’t ready for alcohol yet. My friend ordered a Miller Lite – so I will tell you they absolutely have watered down piss here. They also have “draft punch” which basically means in house infused cocktail drinks. My God these drinks were delicious. I recommend the “Pimms”.

Food: 7.6/10

Grand Prize doesn’t have food all the time. But on Sunday and Monday nights they’ve got a guy who sells BBQ out of a kitchen in the bar so… close enough. He’s got your standard BBQ, I had the frito pie and it was out of this world. Honestly, the beer I drank immediately made my stomach turn so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to even try the food, but I did and I didn’t regret it. I would give it a 10 but it’s not always there, so I don’t feel right doing that.

General ambiance: 6.5/10

There are pool tables, a jukebox, and a patio both downstairs and upstairs. I didn’t see the upstairs patio because it was closed but the bartender assured me it was awesome. But really at the time I was there it was completely dead. I’m not sure what their busy hours are but it’s not 7:30-10 on Sunday night. There is one small TV at the bar to watch games so I’m not sure I recommend this place for game day but I also don’t think it’s that sort of bar. It was very chill, the bartenders are really nice, and the bathrooms are decently clean. Parking is a struggle – I didn’t see a parking lot so it looks like it’s just street parking.

I’m giving Grand Prize a solid 7.6/10. If you’re looking for a chill neighborhood bar to come have a couple of drinks with friends, I highly recommend them. If a packed game day bar is more your speed, you might stay over at Griffs and cruise by for a quick drink before you head home.

Sunday night is Christmas. If you hate your family, are alone on Christmas, need to get away for a bit we’ll be heading over to Lolas on Fairview. I promise to give Lola’s the Drunk Disco review it deserves. Happy Holidays everyone!

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