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Random hot chicks, an afternoon at Christian’s, Rockets, UH, gambling plays for the day and three shames of the week, including ‘k’: The update for Dec. 28

These are two random hot chicks. I honestly googled "random hot chicks" and these two popped up. I have no idea who they are or where they came from. But everyone seems to be mesmerized when we have hot women on the page. I find you all disgusting and can't believe you would stoop to such nonsense. But we are here for the people. So there you go.

First off, a programming note: The station will be broadcasting live at Christian’s Tailgate Downtown today from 1-7 p.m. If you are going to the A&M-Kansas State game, park nearby, hang out with us and catch the train to NRG. Then you can train back after the game and have a few more at Christian’s before you head home.

They have a great steak night on Wednesdays, too. And if you aren’t going to the game, they have an oustide projector and will have it on the wall. So you can stay there and hang out.

Regardless, swing by and have some fun. I will probably get there around 2 and The Blitz begins as always at 4.

Bowl games are basically meaningless exhibitions, but A&M coach Kevin Sumlin could use a win. From the off-season low of all his quarterbacks leaving to the high of being in the top four for the playoffs, followed by a precipitous fall, Sumlin could use a win. A 9-4 year would be a success and would help take some of the pressure off. A loss would not mean a whole lot, but Sumlin’s seat will get a lot hotter in College Station. So this is a game worth watching, either in person or at Christian’s.


Nice addition: Major Applewhite made his first key hire, nabbing Mississippi State quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson to be offensive coordinator. Johnson is a very talented up and comer and should add a lot to the offense. This is a strong pick up. Now UH has to get the defensive coordinator hire right.

Mav nots: Things got a little chippy between the Rockets and Mavericks on Tuesday night, drawing the ire of James Harden. But the Rockets did what they have been doing a lot lately — they won the basketball game. At 24-9, the Rockets currently sit in the No. 3 seed in the Western Conference.

Bye bye Ryans: The Bills sent Rex and Rob Ryan packing.  It’s deserved, but the league is a lot more fun when Rex is a head coach. He will probably resurface as a DC somewhere. It’s safe to say he will be back on his feet in no time?

Sick of the “bleep you 2016” comments? Then this guy is for you.

Gambling plays: I have been staying away from most of the bowl games, but I will probably do a gambling guide for the remaining bowls. Don’t think I will be playing any of these, so they are just opinions (and feel free to go the other way), but today’s games I would lean Pitt -4.5, West Virginia plus 2.5, Utah -5.5 and Kansas State plus 3.5. The only ticket I know for sure I am hitting today is Utah-Indiana under 54.5.

On to the three shames of the week:

Take that: You might remember a few weeks ago when we shared the stats on how many people break up before the holidays, specifically on Dec. 11. Well, a bro in Dallas obviously got the memo and dumped his fiancee. She got the last laugh, going viral by telling the world she bought him Cowboys tickets for Christmas. I can see both ends of this. Obviously, she is a little creepy (anybody else see The Waterboy’s girlfriend, Vicki Valencourt?) and willing to call you out to the world. He was being a dickweed and trying to get out of gifts. These two deserve each other.

For both, shame bell No. 1


Whatever, man…A Marist poll has once again determined the most annoying words or phrases used in America. Topping the list? “Whatever.” “No offense, but…” and “you know, right?” are next in line. While those are all annoying — especially when you get a “whatever” from a significant other — the poll missed out on the single most annoying word in the English language. I’m guessing because it is only used in texts or emails. And it is one simple letter.


Whenever someone texts you that, they are basically saying “I don’t have time to mess with you, I find you boring and I am probably going to start banging the neighbor because I am sick of your crap.” (OK, maybe I added the last part). Sure, it’s efficient, but it is also annoying as hell. Either that, or you are too damned lazy to add an “O.”

On my list, “k” is No. 1. But whatever.

Shame bell No. 2


And finally…I have to put another shame on myself, for a lot of reasons. Yesterday I had the genius idea to run 5K, then bike 20 miles. I decided halfway through that I was going to do 27 miles on the bike so I can say I put in 30 on the day. I am 52 years old, need to drop 20 pounds and have no business trying crap like that. Now my knees refuse to bend and I am walking around like Robocop. But the real reason I deserve a shame is trolling everybody with these hot chick photos. We are not a clickbait site. No forced fake takes, no slideshows. Randomly posting hot chicks to get page views is kind of the same thing. But I am doing it because…well, it’s fun, and you guys enjoy it. And oh, I probably deserve one for that Rex Ryan foot comment, too. Regardless…

Shame bell No. 3




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  1. Great update today, Fred!

    K, bye.


  2. K


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