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The gambling guide for the remaining bowls and one NFL play

This is an updated version of the bowl guide, tossing in a last minute NFL play. The bowls are just opinions unless I say am playing it. The NFL I’m actually playing:


Cincinnati -1.5 over Baltimore: The Ravens had one of those “dream crusher” losses last week that knocked them out of the playoffs. No real motivation on either side here, but Cincy is at home and the Ravens have to be still recovering from a heartbreaker. Small play.

I honestly could not find anything else to play on today’s NFL card.


Florida minus-3 over Iowa: There is absolutely no reason to watch this game unless you attended one of the schools. Or you are betting on it. I am not. But if you stick a gun to my head, give me Florida and over 40. No play.

Western Michigan plus 7.5 over Wisconsin: The Badgers were in the mix for the playoffs and this has to be a bit of a letdown. WMU will be motivated and can score points. Plus, P.J. Fleck has a lot to prove after being ignored for bigger coaching jobs. Like WMU quite a bit here. Moderate play.

USC -7 over Penn State: What the Nittany Lions have done this season is amazing. But USC might be playing as well as anybody not named Alabama right now. The Rose Bowl is hardly a disappointment, but PSU thinks it should have been in the playoffs. Hopefully the number dips under 7. Not playing it yet but small play at -6.5.

Oklahoma -3 over Auburn: This Sooners team has improved all season long. Auburn played its best football a month ago. Even if QB Sean White is healthy, I don’t think Auburn’s offense is good enough to keep up with Oklahoma. Will be playing the Sooners in a moderate play.

So that’s it. Good luck.


7 Comments on The gambling guide for the remaining bowls and one NFL play

  1. A&M is 0-7 in their last 7 games ATS. K St is 1-8 SU/ATS in their last 9 bowl games. Something has to give here.


  2. I have been having a hay day with the over/unders on these bowl games. Haven’t really liked any of the point spreads.


  3. Alex: I had not removed Thursday’s because I had not updated the piece yet, which I have now done. I am removing each day when I go in and update it in the afternoon so people don’t have to scroll through games that have already been played. I put how I did in the daily updates. And hopefully you read the description and are differentiating between opinions and actual plays, since I only offered some thoughts on games I would never touch because people like you asked for it. But there is no attempt to hide anything or fail to be transparent. If you have read this site long enough you should know that. I tell people when I suck, I tell them when I do well. Not everything is a conspiracy. Please don’t be that guy.


  4. If you listen to the show, you would know I tell people when I fire and miss last second. A lot. I appreciate you reading, but not quite sure what you are hoping to accomplish here.


  5. I have a lot of last minute adds. Usually alcohol induced and losers after an otherwise good day. Drunk betting=bad


  6. Alex:for fucks sake please move on. Fred has already considered not posting his picks because of disgruntled joes trolling him. Just stop!


  7. OK Alex, now you are just trolling. All your comments and any future comments will be deleted.


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