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More random hot women, Aggies and tra la las, gambling plays and a new addition to the Blitz: The update for Dec. 29

Look at the bright side, A&M. You have some really attractive women. I have no idea who these two are -- I just googled "hot Texas A&M girls" and there they were. But it is A&M, so these could be your daughters, girlfriends or sisters. If so? Well played. (Well, if it is your daughter...Gotta think you have accepted by now there will be hot pictures of her on the internet). I despise the fact that this is what you want to see. We've had hot midgets. Hooker fights. Weed. And all you want is pictures of hot women. Shame, I say. But enjoy nonetheless.

Things did not go well last night for Texas A&M, as the Aggies were beaten by Kansas State 33-28. 

We have said many times bowls are meaningless, but for Kevin Sumlin, 8-5 is not a success based on the standards A&M has set. After blasting on the scene with Johnny Football and going 11-2 and 9-4, A&M went 8-5 for the third straight season.

In the SEC, that’s not bad. But the difference between eight wins in that conference and 10 is the Texas Bowl vs. a New Year’s Six. (By the way, these media terms we create…New Year’s Six? All of the games are on Dec. 31 or Jan. 2. How does that make them New Year’s Six?).



This is the best Kansas State had to offer. Looks photoshopped to me. I say Aggies win this competition, even though it is demeaning and misogynistic. I can’t believe the levels I am stooping to in order to entertain you.

Sumlin is a good coach, but another 8-5 next season won’t cut it. It really should be the floor for A&M. And the late-season fades are becoming alarming. Losing a minor bowl is not that meaningful. But in the big picture for A&M? It warms Sumlin’s seat a little more going in to next season.


Fine. Would you rather see this photo?

I don’t think his seat is as warm as these guys. Let’s be honest; anytime A&M plays Kansas State this video is going to resurface:

Gambling updates: We posted a full bowl guide yesterday. I only made one play (under on Indiana-Utah and hit). There are opinions on all the games (they were mostly bad yesterday and of course I heard about it) but I do tell you the ones I am actually playing. Some of the people who complained are the same ones who asked me to do the gambling guide. It reminds me of a woman I knew several years ago. She kept begging me to take her on a date. For months. Finally I relented. Then she bitched because I took her to Fajita Flats. Just relax and enjoy your margs and fajitas already.

Big guns: Apparently it is a thing for quarterbacks to get their offensive linemen gifts. And no, this doesn’t count:


Can I buy you guys some H.E.B.?

Carson Wentz of Philadelphia wins the Christmas gift competition.  You want to win a man’s heart? A gun will do it. Well, weed is preferable, but since it is not legal in Pennsylvania, this is the best possible substitute.

Santa’s claws: There were all kinds of Santas out there before Christmas. This is my kind of Santa:


Yes, more hotties. Are you not entertained?

This one is not. Not only is he a thief, that is the cheesiest Santa outfit I have ever seen. So you gave people candy canes before you pulled your heist? Nice. Now take that money and buy a proper Santa suit for your next job. This one is creepy. It reminds me of something from the movie Brazil. I would have shot this guy the second he walked in with one of the guns Carson Wentz gave me. At least he put in more effort than this dude in Florida. (Of course).

Wait til next year? The Texans don’t have to say that for at least another week. But now we already know their 2017 opponents.

New addition to the show: Beth Liebling will join our Pillow Talk segment today to give a female perspective on our advice. She is a former family law attorney and now owns Darling Way, an awesome shop I can best describe as a romance cornucopia. Ordinarily she will be appearing on Wednesdays but since we were on location at Christian’s Downtown yesterday she will debut today. (Thanks to everyone who came out to Christians. Terrific turnout and a fun show). Check out Beth’s store and her blog here.


“Hot girls have so many options. Sitting at home alone any night of the week and searching the Internet for a dude is on zero hot girls’ agendas. So they’re definitely not coming after you.”

— Adam DeVine


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