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A shameful attempt to make you like a sport by using hotties, Billy Wagner’s Hall of Fame case, Texans QBs, gambling, a drag queen/Tiki torch Florida story and more: The update for Dec. 30

Be honest; you would love to body check this hottie. And talk about stick handling...and yes I have endless inappropriate hockey/hottie comments (putting the biscuit in the basket, etc.), but we are wrapping up hottie week on the site with a shameless attempt to get you to like hockey by showing you hockey hotties. It's embarrassing, really. But this is what it has come to. And yes, all I did was google "hot hockey women." This one came up first. Definite future ex wife potential here.

I have been on a quest to get people in Houston to appreciate hockey. It has failed miserably, but based on what you guys have been wanting to see all week, I have come up with a reason for you to like the sport.

Hot women love hockey.

It’s true. If you want to see/meet/get to know attractive women, then you should become a hockey fan. (As an aside, the World Juniors are going on right now and Team USA has a legit shot at gold. But we digress).

It would be nice if we had a team. But since we do not, you have a lot of options. Many of you are from the Midwest and already have a team. If you are from Texas, you can adopt the Dallas Stars. If you are one of those people that despises all things Dallas, the new Las Vegas franchise starts play next year, and who among us does not love Vegas? There’s your team. And we know Vegas will have plenty of attractive women.

If you just want to judge on pure talent (off the ice, of course), well…One of the most historic franchises is the Montreal Canadiens. I do not like this team, but I would be more than happy to get to know their women.


Parlez vous Francais?

As for me, I am a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Most years they completely suck. They have not won a Stanley Cup since I was THREE YEARS OLD. That’s 1967 if you are scoring at home.

So as a Leafs fan, we like the simple things in life…


Respect the Leaf.

However, I understand you guys are skeptics. And if you are not convinced yet, this is the kind of woman who is not a hockey fan:


Want to share my pizza and watch the ‘Dawgs? Then cuddle?

So to sum up hot women week on the site: Hockey women? They can hold their own with anybody. I’m not good at math, but that’s three hotties today vs. one…well, great personality.

We hope you have been entertained by this completely inappropriate attempt to get you to like one of my favorite sports. We have had a lot of fun this week with that kind of stuff and hopefully you weren’t too offended. If you were? Oh well. Vote in my Twitter poll regarding this nonsense.

And don’t worry; there is serious sports stuff below.

With that in mind, let’s get to it:

Hall of…pretty damned good? Some of the baseball Hall of Fame ballots are leaking out, and it is looking pretty good so far for Jeff Bagwell. Billy Wagner? Not so much. It’s interesting that there seems to be a big push for the former Astro locally.

The Astros even tweeted out selected stats comparing Wagner to current Hall of Famers.


Notice, however, the asterisk. Eckersley was a starting pitcher for 14 years before he ever started getting saves. That included a 20-win season. All of the others were from a different era where “relief pitchers” would pitch several innings. So none of these are apple to apple comparisons. In addition, the other five pitchers have a key stat that is missing for Wagner — World Series wins. It is more appropriate to compare Wagner to his peers — Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman. Rivera, who is a certain Hall of Famer, has 652 saves to Wagner’s 422, and a lower ERA. Wagner is competitive in the other categories. However, Rivera also pitched in seven World Series for the Yankees.

Hoffman had significantly more saves — 601 — but Wagner was better in every other category. Both pitched 16 years. Hoffman is probably borderline Hall material. The number of saves the other two had would certainly give them an edge. But Wagner holds his own in every other stat.

The point of this is to illustrate how misleading stats can be when used selectively. The Rivera/Hoffman numbers actually help Wagner’s case much more than what the Astros tweeted out. It is not easy for relievers to get in, and all of the ones mentioned in the graphic were important members of World Series teams, many of whom pitched over 20 years. Longevity and postseason success were a big part of why they got in.

After digging in to the numbers a little deeper, I actually think Wagner deserves more of a look. He is sixth all-time in saves and pitched 16 years with seven all-star appearances. In the end, I think he is not quite Hall material, but it’s  not ridiculous to make a case.

It just needs to be the right case.

Looking ahead: It appears the Texans will enter 2017 with the same quarterback duo. We already knew they could not get rid of Brock Osweiler until 2018, but John McClain says Tom Savage will be the guy.  I would be willing to bet money someone else is in that mix next season.

As for Sunday, here is hoping the Texans rest everyone including Savage against the Titans. They will need everyone healthy for whoever they play next week.

Tough beat: If you were on Arkansas plus 7 against Virginia Tech, you were probably thinking about cashing your ticket up 24-0 at the half. That is why gambling can be a cruel ex-wife. Va. Tech rallied to win 35-24. Ouch. I did not play it but would have been on the Va. Tech end. Certainly would not have felt good about it. Not a bad effort on our opinions last night. Our only actual play was on Oklahoma State, and that worked out OK. Guide for the rest of the bowls is here. I like TCU as a small play.

Programming note: The Blitz will be broadcasting live today at Christian’s White Oak in the Heights. Come get your drink on and watch some football.


Shadow of the day: I am going all adult and buying a new place this month. It’s awesome and still has nice views, but I have to admit I am going to miss these sunrises…


Pretty much the perfect Florida story: This guy running for mayor was once arrested for beating a drag queen with a tiki torch. You can’t make this up.


“Even the handsomest men do not have the same momentary effect on the world as a truly beautiful woman does.”

— Jonathan Carroll


2 Comments on A shameful attempt to make you like a sport by using hotties, Billy Wagner’s Hall of Fame case, Texans QBs, gambling, a drag queen/Tiki torch Florida story and more: The update for Dec. 30

  1. Ok Freddo!! Going to take exception to your summary of the HOF candidacy of relievers. I agree that Rivera is a first ballot lock. He is the best closer there has ever been. The second best closer in the books if Hoffman, who will make the HOF, if not this year, then probably next. Wagner is an interesting case, He never got a chance to pitch in the WS, but he was dominant in his time. No one, repeat that, NO ONE that has EVER pitched has a higher strikeout per 9 inning ratio. Not Randy Johnson, not Kerry Wood, not Chris Sale, not Roger Clemens, not Clayton Kershaw, and certainly not ANY reliever. He has his closest rival, Big Unit, by over 1 full K/9 innings. THAT is a helluva stat my friend. Wags was a much better closer than was Lee Smith who has not made it in, and will make it before Smith does. So that being said, Mr. Wagner’s resume’ is MUCH more than pretty good, and he WILL make the HOF. They would never allow two Astros in in the same year (hell, we are still waiting on number two to make it….good luck this year Bagwell who is long overdue), so it won’t be this year. I would say within the next 5 years though he gets the nod.


  2. I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve written on hockey so far. Would love to see more job well done.


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