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Bill O’Brien needs to pay attention to his offense, not the media

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a frequent contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff. 


Bill O’Brien’s personality has finally run its course with me.  Initially, I had no problem with his behavior towards the media because I felt they asked mundane questions.  That said, as a fan, there are some times I would like questions answered.

Saturday after the Bengals game, a Houston Chronicle reporter asked O’Brien a question and he killed it immediately.  It would have been nice to hear him address the question that 6 million Houstonians all wanted to know.

I get upset when I hear him at press conferences addressing local media criticisms.  This is the same guy  who will tell you he is focused on the game plan and does not pay attention to external commentary.  

For a team that is focused on its game plan, the Texans surely seem to be reactionary to negativity about their squad.

Here is a wild wacky thought, O’Brien: instead of caring about what the local media and fans are saying, how about improving your horrid offense?  Maybe — just maybe — if you put the same amount of effort in your offense as you do in media, the Texans could average more than 18 points per game.

O’Brien is too worried about the media. It’s an obsession.  As I watched the Texans on Hard Knocks, I thought it was funny that he conducted a team session teaching the players how to deal with the media.  I look back now and think “what a dick.”

I wouldn’t have a problem with O’Brien if he had “skins on the wall,” but he doesn’t.  Weekly, the offensive side of the ball looks unprepared and putrid, maybe because they are too busy reading the Houston Chronicle or listening to the Blitz.

1 Comment on Bill O’Brien needs to pay attention to his offense, not the media

  1. andrew pratt // December 31, 2016 at 4:11 pm // Reply

    your a diva


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