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A budding coach-GM battle? Three shames of the week, an inappropriate but funny teacher/student sex lineup and, well…a hot teacher: The update for Jan. 4

Hi, I am Rick Smth. Why doesn't Billy like me? Why is he not returning calls? Did he not like my Christmas gift? Is he still blaming me for the Osweiler deal?

Patrick Creighton, who does a show on SB Nation 1560 here in town, reported via tweet that there was tension between Bill O’Brien and Rick Smith. He discussed it at length on his show, and also did a segment with us (4:45 p.m.) about it.

There have reportedly been problems in the past so it is not really a surprise, but to leak it now when you have a playoff game this week is pretty questionable. (Jay Glazer speculated on it as well earlier in the week, and we wrote about that).

In both cases, I don’t blame either guy for their tweets. I do blame the O’Brien camp, which is clearly where this is coming from. My question is why? What do you hope to gain? If the inevitable power struggle is coming, can it not wait until you have actually been eliminated from the playoffs?

My only guess is that with so many jobs available, O’Brien’s people want it known that he might be available too. And they are the ones pushing this narrative that he has done such a remarkable job despite bad quarterback play — quarterbacks he picked out then failed to develop. That is an absolute joke that could only be coming from that side. O’Brien clearly wants more power or to keep his offensive staff intact for some odd reason, hence the thought he might want out.

And what situation out there would be better than this one? The available jobs are available because those teams aren’t any good. The lone exception is Denver, but if O’Brien is going to have ego battles with Rick Smith, how do you think he would deal with a much more hands-on, involved GM in John Elway? He might land someplace with a quarterback, but he won’t have an elite defense to cover for his poor offensive results.

Regardless, coach/GM battles are common. They usually get both guys eventually fired. Big egos on both sides generally lead to one guy blaming the other when things go wrong. O’Brien’s people are simply firing the first shot in this latest battle of egos. I am sure O’Brien will deny it, or say something like “we’re focused on Oakland” or just go “next question” or “we are trying to get ready for a playoff game, OK?” (Memo to Bill: You also need to “coach better” and “play better.”

But his people clearly have no problems discussing it, and like it or not, these things become distractions. If the Texans lose to Oakland on Sunday in the same embarrassing fashion they were ousted by KC last year, things could get ugly. Then again, maybe they already are. And frankly maybe they need to get ugly. But the timing of this could not have been worse.

On to the three shames of the week:

Flying high again: If you listen to the show, you hear many airplane stories. Look guys, the airplane is not about you. We are in this together. We want to get on the plane in an orderly fashion, not recline our seats and get off in an orderly fashion so we spend as little time cramped in a metal tube as is humanly possible. That simple. That should be the goal for all of us.

And if you are flying international from say, Sydney to San Francisco? You should really be cool.

Not this clown. All he did was get a flight re-directed to New Zealand where the entire group had to stay an extra day because this guy is a dickweed.

A loud, stinging Shame bell No. 1.


Enough already: One of the most annoying things that has happened in the new media age is stuff like people going nuts over their team losing, showing it on youtube and it goes viral. I love passion for a team, but this is going too far and happening too much. (Little kid crying over losses video is pretty bad, too).

But this Penn State fan went nuts over a bowl game and got silly. Yes, it was the Rose Bowl, but c’mon man.

Shame bell No. 2.


Tone deaf: The Joe Mixon/OU story is certainly pretty bad. It was made worse in the bowl game. Sometimes people just don’t get it. These OU players appeared to celebrate a TD by mocking the girl Mixon punched. That, coupled with the increasingly senile Brent Musburger’s take on the matter makes you wonder what the hell people are thinking sometimes.

Never mind. They aren’t thinking.

Shame bell No. 3



Hell of a lineup: These teacher-student sex scandals have reached epic proportions. So much so that Barstool Sports was able to put together an entire batting order and a few pitchers just on 2016 alone.  Texas was well-represented. Our fine state could actually field a basketball starting five. That’s strong and clearly makes us the winners for 2016. College football in the state might not have been very good, but when it comes to Sex Scandal Teachers, we are No. 1 for 2016. Funny read if you have a few minutes.

In case you missed it...A pair of offerings from Brien O’Donal, including a look at how life changes as you turn the page on a new year and a preview of the four wild-card round games.


“I think of all the education that I missed…
But then my homework was never quite like this..
Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,
I’m hot for teacher.”

— Van Halen, Hot For Teacher



Today I just googled “hot teachers.” I never had one look like this. Or one like the women who Barstool wrote about. Most of my teachers were men. Or they had beards. Where we all these when I was in school? Oh yeah, that was the stone ages. Never mind. I understand now. Enjoy your gratuitous hottie picture.

4 Comments on A budding coach-GM battle? Three shames of the week, an inappropriate but funny teacher/student sex lineup and, well…a hot teacher: The update for Jan. 4

  1. BOB is unhappy and is hedging against the inevitable and pathetic loss this weekend where the QB whisperer sees his offensive point total increment in multiples of 3…AGAIN.

    if they somehow manage to not look completely inept and pull out a win against Oakland, he’s hedging against the dumpster fire that will take place in New England in 2-weeks.

    The man clearly doesn’t have faith in this team and he’s trying to pin it on Teflon Rick while simultaneously distancing himself from the GM.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ODonalsVanguard // January 4, 2017 at 3:45 pm // Reply

    That SST lineup was pretty hilarious, yet very sad. Thanks for that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome stuff Fred!! Especially love the airplane and sex scandal teacher stories!!….From Cincy, love the Bengals (unfortunately!!), but I find myself trying to be a Texns fan as well since I live here now. Seems like O’Brien just sucks at head coaching (and we have Marvin Lewis!!), but looks like it will be a mess for the Texans closing out the season. Also, what is your sport of choice for betting this time of year with NFL and NCAA virtually over?…Keep up the great work as always! Love the show!


  4. Thanks Trevor and welcome. Sorry about your Bengals. For betting purposes, I will primarily focus on Sam Houston Race Park for the next few months…and will throw in a few hockey plays here and there.


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