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Read this item about hockey unless you hate America…Bill O’Brien is a jerk, UH is good at basketball, Jeff Bagwell and the baseball Hall of Fame, a priest who is a pimp (not the good kind) and a sexy nun: The update for Jan. 5

Skip down if you don’t like hockey. Or if you hate America.

There is a big matchup in the gold medal game of the World Juniors tonight. Team USA plays Canada at 7 p.m. on NHL Network. This is a terrific tournament. Canadians especially are into it. I happen to live with a Canadian, so I too have become a big fan.

(It is going to get damned tense in the Falcon household tonight. Someone will be sleeping on the couch).

It is a great chance to see the NHL stars of tomorrow, root for your country and also see some high quality hockey. Team USA has already beaten Canada once on Dec. 31 but the Canadians have improved every game. The US has been very good in this tournament every year but has not been able to beat Russia until this year (suck it, Putin) and has not won gold since Flames star Johnny Gaudreau led them to the title in 2013.

This year’s team lacks the superstar type player like Johnny Hockey or Auston Mathews, who led last year’s group to bronze. (They might have been the best team in the tournament. Completely outplayed those damned Russians in the semis but lost) but there are some seriously good players, including future Minnesota Wild star Jordan Greenway and future Maple Leaf Jeremy Bracco (Yes, I had to make it about the Leafs). Plus, the US continues to crank out terrific goalies. This will be a lot of fun to watch and since there is not much else going on in the sports world…If you love America, tune in and check it out. If you hate America? I am sure there is some Communist sport on somewhere  you can watch.

By the way, if you want to watch the game at a place where people know and love hockey and want to be in a great atmosphere, check out The Maple Leaf Pub tonight. It will be rocking.

Here he goes again: I have to admit, Bill O’Brien does something every day that makes me dislike him even more. O’Brien is arrogant, smug, narcissistic and acts like he is the smartest person to ever live. He constantly either lies or tries to downplay issues, like Sunday’s blowup with Brock Osweiler. If O’Brien were in any other industry, he would be fired for his actions and attitude. (Not to mention his job performance. Finally, the rest of the world realizes he is not some offensive guru).

O’Brien thinks the rest of us are stupid. When he got into it on the sideline with Larry Izzo on national TV, he lied about it then said it was just a disagreement. Most football coaches are arrogant A holes, so that’s to be expected. But O’Brien is a megalomaniac with borderline anger management issues.

A lot of coaches are that way. But his biggest flaw is stubbornness. He refuses to admit mistakes and make changes. That comes from believing you are infallible. Until O’Brien realizes that and starts self evaluating, this team will never reach its potential.

In case you missed it…A really good piece from Lamont Mann on Houston fans and their weird love for individual trophies. Judging from Twitter he struck a nerve. Houston has had three MVP candidates in the past few years — James Harden, J.J. Watt and Jose Altuve — and the fan base seems more interested in those somewhat meaningless races than team success.

Also Chris Campese debuted on the site with a nice off-season rundown of the Astros.

Speaking of individuals…Jeff Bagwell appears poised to make the baseball Hall of Fame. It’s weird that Craig Biggio got in before him — Bagwell was always the better player — but it looks like it is going to happen. It also appears Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are making strides as the anti-PED crew starts to come to its senses…

UH update: Kelvin Sampson has the Cougars playing really good basketball. Missing one of their best players, they got past Tulsa last night. The Coogs are 12-3, 3-0 in conference and have a monster game with Cincinnati on Saturday at Hofheinz/the future Fertitta Center. Worth your time if you are looking for something to do.

Shameless plug: If you need a personal injury attorney, check out my friends at Dave is a complete badass who will fight for your rights. He is helping me on a couple fronts and I could not be happier.

A Catholic priest walks into an orgy…: I can’t decide if this guy is a player or a terrible human being. I will let you decide. (I’m leaning to the latter). But if you are a Priest, banging your parishioners, holding orgies and pimping out said parishioners…Hey, at least it wasn’t little boys. (Too soon?).


In honor of Bill O’Brien…

Arrogance on the part of the meritorious is even more offensive to us than the arrogance of those without merit: for merit itself is offensive.

— Friedrich Nietzsche (I call him “Freddy”)



So today’s google search was for “Sexy nun.” I was inspired by the Sex Priest. How could you not love this woman? Jack Daniels? And black and white to boot. This might be my favorite hottie photo that I have posted during this run of satisfying your disgusting need for hot women photos.

6 Comments on Read this item about hockey unless you hate America…Bill O’Brien is a jerk, UH is good at basketball, Jeff Bagwell and the baseball Hall of Fame, a priest who is a pimp (not the good kind) and a sexy nun: The update for Jan. 5

  1. Fred Soland // January 5, 2017 at 2:57 pm // Reply

    Fred, regarding the sexy woman in religious garb holding the bottle of JD, your precious wife says “Fred, you are having nun of that!!”


  2. Fred Soland // January 5, 2017 at 3:06 pm // Reply

    Regarding Bud Selig, he should have been allowed to rot in hell for his part in the steroid era. First he was a proponent, as were many of the owners, who needed to get butts in the bleachers. They actually encouraged hitters to “take’em for the team” because HR’s would draw people back to the ballparks. Then a problem occurred. Suddenly you had Brady Anderson hitting 50 bombs a year. John Lowenstein hitting 20 bombs. These mediocre players were getting monster contracts. Meanwhile pitchers were not. So to keep pace, the pitchers join the party. Now pitchers are throwing harder, hitters are hitting them farther, and the butts were in the bleachers. The players weren’t buying the steroids….they were “made available” by the teams. When the “investigation” came out, the owners, including that zealot Bud Selig, announced “they were shocked and knew nothing of this”. They left the players on the hook for what they instigated. To see Selig get rewarded makes me wretch. When I visit Cooperstown this summer, I plan to seek out Selig’s plaque and spray deodorant on it to try and mask the stench.


  3. These are the kind of well thought out comments that I love to see on the site. Thanks other Fred.


  4. I have no idea what the city of Houston’s obsession is about Bagwell being clean. Hilarious. Kind of reminds me of America’s obsession with a clean Lance Armstrong. Bagwell juiced. So what.


  5. ODonalsVanguard // January 5, 2017 at 8:23 pm // Reply

    Eh, I tend to believe there were plenty of players who got big without so called “juicing.” The science coming out at that time allowed guys to go to any nutrition store and buy supplements to pack on muscle the same way they do now. At the time, that was just considered body building. No one really understood the differences between the chemicals in the supplements, they just went with the ones that got them the best results. It wasn’t until much later, that they started to determine which chemicals should be classified in the same categories as steroids and players learned to stay away from them. Things that weren’t illegal at the time shouldn’t be held against the players who were just trying to keep their jobs. Selig may have a hand in what happened, but I don’t believe he nor the owners, nor the players should be punished for something that was trending scientifically and utilized by (probably) the majority of players.


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