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It’s on to New England, Harden still balling, sports can save your marriage, the rodeo lineup, killer squirrels, a gambling hottie and more: The update for Jan. 9

A healthy Tom Brady makes tomorrow's game a difficult task for the Texans.

As expected, Saturday’s win over the Raiders earned the Texans a trip to a house of horrors. The Texans will be making a journey to the land of the letterman jackets and blowout losses as they head to New England to take on the Patriots in the Divisional Round

Conventional wisdom says they have no shot. The Patriots are the best team in the NFL and Vegas has already installed them as a 16-point favorite. That’s a monster spread in the NFL. The Texans have been terrible in prime time under Bill O’Brien, and have never been competitive in Foxboro. In their last four trips, they have been beaten by a total score of 150-49.

As great as the Texans defense has been, it has struggled against good quarterbacks. And the Patriots have the best. Simply put, this would be the biggest upset in NFL playoff history. (The Patriots were 14-point favorites when they were upset by the Giants in the Super Bowl).

The Texans will have to play world class defense, put pressure on Tom Brady, force some turnovers, get lucky on special teams with a play or two and run the ball to keep Brady off the field. It is a lot to ask. There would be no shame in losing to New England; the Patriots are Super Bowl favorites for a reason. But it would be nice to see the Texans make a game of it. Considering the failure of their quarterback and the loss of J.J. Watt, making it this far is a success. It would be nice to see them keep it close.

The other AFC matchup features the Steelers, who just dismantled the Dolphins, heading to Kansas City in what should be a very competitive game. The Steelers offense can score on anyone, but the Chiefs defense — if healthy — will make things tough. Should be a fun game.

In the NFC, the Packers got past the Giants and will now play Dallas. Green Bay has won seven in a row, and the Cowboys were the best team in the NFC all season. This could be the best game of the weekend.

And finally, Atlanta hosts Seattle in a classic offense vs. defense battle. This is another one that can go either way. As far as playoffs go, you can’t ask for more competitive matchups. Well, except for one…

Eight isn’t enough: The Rockets won their eighth straight, beating a very good Raptors team 129-122. James Harden was outstanding again with 40 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. He also tacked on 10 turnovers for what was technically a quadruple double, although that does not count. Still, another strong effort and win over a good team on the road.

Will work for food: This past weekend’s games went about as badly as they could for me from a betting perspective. Even the opinions were way off. The 2017 fiscal year is not off to a good start. So I am passing on tonight’s college game and hoping to regroup next week.

Rodeo lineup: I have not heard of most of these acts, but gotta love that ZZ Top is on the docket. And Willie Nelson? Yes, please.

Some good stuff you might have missed:  Lamont Mann weighs in on Bill O’Brien and fake news. Brien O’Donal talks about the pride of Channelview, Jalen Hurts.…Disco Biscuit visited the METRO Transit Center and it did not go well…And my recap from the Texans win over the Raiders.

Marriage in trouble? Go to a hockey game and ask a player to score a goal in order to save your relationship. Apparently that works in Vancouver.

Memo to squirrel lovers: They are not cute. The are furry rats. And they will steal your candy and eventually your soul. Stop feeding them. A Security guard with a pellet gun could solve this fast.


“I think Tom is one of the most consistent players that I’ve ever coached.  He works hard every week.  There are no ups and downs with him. ”

— Bill Belichick on Tom Brady



Today’s search was for “Hot gambling women.” The attempt was to make up for a really bad weekend by finding a gambling hottie. I am not really thrilled with the way she is treating these cards. But I don’t think that would stop anyone from going all in. (That shameless, bad poker joke is all your fault for wanting hottie photos)

2 Comments on It’s on to New England, Harden still balling, sports can save your marriage, the rodeo lineup, killer squirrels, a gambling hottie and more: The update for Jan. 9

  1. I’m the king of bad corny jokes. I love poker, so I’m “all in” for sure. Keep up the good work Fred, and I’ll be looking for good bets from you and AJ this weekend from Vegas!


  2. Enjoy Vegas my man…Don’t know if you saw this but posted it a couple months ago…


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