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Memo to local media: O’Brien will not be fired #FakeNews

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a regular contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff. 


Last week, NFL Network’s Jay Glazer tweeted that Bill O’Brien could be fired pending the playoffs.  The tweet was structured as an opinion.

Glazer is a credible source therefore anything he puts out will be taken as the gospel even if it’s not a report.  Some of Houston’s local media ran with it and made it a story.  The logic was, if Jay says something, he must know something.  

The whole time, I thought the story was lame and did not add up.  As Seth Payne noted, the tweet was delivered in a way where Glazer couldn’t be wrong no matter the outcome.  There were some who recognized the story as garbage and gave it a few segments of attention.   Seth was one of the few “on air” personalities who called the story trash and didn’t make sense.   There were also personalities who made it a much bigger story locally.

What really pissed me off is I know they knew this story was #FakeNews but they pumped it on the strength of National Media.  They pumped it because it would grab ears during a time when ratings are depressed market-wide. Our local market acts as if national pundits are the sports Bible and are to be believed at all costs.  Hell, I even heard personalities on air trying to convince Houston why they should trust this story

On Twitter, I said, I would troll the culprits once this “story” did not materialized and I did.   

Saturday, after the Texans defeated Oakland Raiders, Texans owner Bob McNair said Bill O’Brien was not going to be fired.

It was a non-story based upon a credible national person’s opinion.  I get who Glazer is in media but I also know how to distinguish a report from a casual opinion.

Glazer does not look bad in any of this. He voiced his thoughts. However the local media who ran with a tweet and made it a story looks bad.

It was all #FakeNews.

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