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Brock’s best game, an instant college classic, snakes and spiders, more spiders, even a spider hottie: The update for Jan. 10

Brock and roll?

Brock Osweiler has not had a good year. We know this. In other news, the sky is blue and traffic sucks in Houston.


Touch my tra la la?

But he did do something on Sunday: He played his best game of his career, based on ESPN’s Total QBR. In fact, he was second among the eight playoff quarterbacks. Here is how they ranked based on TQBR, and also included is their traditional QB rating:

QUARTERBACK              TQBR        QBR
Ben Roethlisberger        91.8        105.3


Brock Osweiler                85.4         90.1

Aaron Rogers                    83.0        125.2

Russell  Wilson                82.7        119.3
Eli Manning                      53.7          72.1
Matt Stafford                   46.6         75.7
Matt Moore                       40.3         97.8
Connor Cook                       5.5         30.0
Before Saturday, Osweiler’s best TQBR was 82.7. That also came against Oakland in Mexico City. His best rating other than the two Oakland games? A 71.5 at Jacksonville where he threw for 99 yards. So the stat can be a little misleading.
He topped .60 — well below the league average — seven times in his 14 regular season starts. Even going back to his Denver days, Saturday’s was the highest of his career. It was also an outlier. He has topped 80 just twice in 22 career starts.
Three quarterbacks averaged 80 or higher in the regular season — Matt Ryan, Tom Brady and Dak Prescott.
Regardless, based on ESPN’s stats — which are flawed, by the way, but give some context here — Osweiler just played the best game of his career. The raw numbers were nothing spectacular: 14 of 25 for 168 yards and a touchdown with most importantly zero picks. He also rushed for 15 yards and a touchdown on six carries, which ESPN accounts for in the rating.
If you are clinging to any hope, there’s that. Maybe he can repeat it. The trip to New England earlier this year, however, worked out to a 29.1 in a shutout loss. Even if he repeats Saturday’s effort, that probably won’t be enough to get it done, because the guy on the other sideline is going to play much better than Connor Cook did. Realistically the Texans are up against it and there is good reason they are 16-point underdogs. And it is always questionable to base an opinion on one stat. But at least Total QBR is a compilation of stats. And based on that, Osweiler will be coming off the best game of his career. There’s that.
NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama
Speaking of quarterbacks, an instant classic…DeShaun Watson was spectacular and Clemson was able to knock off the juggernaut that is Alabama 35-31 on a game-closing drive.
 After a shaky start, Watson was the best player on the field. Twice he brought his team back from double digit deficits, including one in the fourth quarter.
Alabama was not the same after running back Bo Scarborough left the game, but give all the credit to Watson and Clemson for dominating the fourth quarter. Watson’s receivers made amazing catch after amazing catch late in the game, too. It was a fun, competitive game. More often than not, the championship game has been entertaining every year. This was no exception.
Meanwhile, Watson heads to the NFL, where he will make some team very happy. Watson finished his career with a 32-3 record as a starter, his last game being his most impressive against a world-class defense.
Bearing down: It’s early, but quite the achievement for Baylor’s men’s basketball team to be No. 1 in the AP Poll.
Spiders vs. snakes: Who do you root for in this situation? The slimy snake? The evil spider? This is like watching two of your exes go at it. There are no winners in this situation.
“Don’t worry. The spider is smaller than you.”
“Yeah, so is a grenade.”
–Author unknown

OK, we were Team Snake hottie last week. Today we are Team Spider. I googled “hot women with spiders,” and she eventually popped up. Most of the rest were just hot women dressed as Spider Woman. Many were cartoons. While I am a fan of both, this works much better for today’s shameless attempt to entertain you.

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  1. Lumpy Space Princess // January 10, 2017 at 4:23 pm // Reply

    Damn, doggie would be off the table with her.


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