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James Harden keeps doing sick things, shame bells including slideshow hate, inter-species intercourse and hot women with a monkey: The update for Jan. 11

This article is being brought to you by insomia. When you can’t sleep, watch bad movies and ponder what James Harden is doing right now…

The Rockets got another win last night, beating Charlotte 121-114. The story, as it has been all year, was James Harden. The numbers are sick, and really starting to add up. He notched his 11th triple double of the season. He becomes just the fourth player in NBA history to record a triple double with 40 points in back to back games. (Russell Westbrook, who is also a terror this year, Pete Maravich and some guy named Jordan are the others).

This nugget also from the ESPN story: “Harden also became the first player with multiple games of 40 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists in a single season since Oscar Robertson in 1964-65.”

To put that in context, my old ass was born in 1964. Harden, like Westbrook, is simply having a season for the ages.

The marriage of Harden and Mike D’Antoni has worked out better than anyone could have imagined. The two have been a perfect fit, and the players around Harden fit the system perfectly. Eric Gordon, who missed last night’s game, has emerged as a strong second scoring option off the bench. Trevor Ariza has been much better this season. Ryan Anderson has given them the stretch four they needed. And the bench has been solid.

In addition, this team has that often overused word — chemistry. Harden simply could not put up the assist numbers he has without players hitting shots and Harden getting them the ball in the right spot.

And don’t look now, but the Rockets are closer to the Warriors in the Western Conference standings (tied with the Spurs, 2.5 games back) than they are the fourth place LA Clippers, who are five games behind the Rockets and Spurs.

There’s a long way to go, and the playoffs will be another challenge entirely, but for now, Rockets fans should enjoy the ride, because Harden is playing at a historic level,and bringing the Rockets along with him.

That didn’t last long: Monday morning, the Baylor Bears ascended to the No. 1 spot in the AP college basketball. Monday night they suffered a 21-point beatdown at West Virginia. To be fair, that is a tough trip and the Mountaineers are underrated, but it had to be a comedown after the news earlier in the day. Polls now do not mean a lot, but it is always cool to see your team reach No. 1. But it sure did not last long. No shame in losing there.

But there are plenty shames elsewhere…

The long road down: There was a time Johnny Manziel was one of the most electrifying players in college football. He energized Texas A&M and ushered it into the SEC. He went in the first round of the draft. He then watched his life and career unravel. Now he is a complete afterthought, unless you are drafting in a dead pool. Manziel will be in town Super Bowl week, charging $50 for selfies. Is there anyone out there who really wants to spend $50 for anything with this guy? Shame on Manziel for blowing his career and now try to capitalize on what he once was. And shame on anyone who actually pays him for this.

That is both Shame bell No. 1 AND No. 2


Pathetic attempt: I have long been a critic of shameless slide shows on web sites. They are designed to increase hits and mislead your advertisers. “Look, this story got 32 hits!” No, it go one person scrolling through your 32 damned pictures. When you mask it as something that might be interesting, it only makes it worse. had a story with the headline, “Don’t laugh: Here’s why the Texans could beat the Patriots.”

After a short paragraph explaining stuff we already knew, it tells you to “Browse through the photos above to see how the Texans could upset the Patriots in New England on Saturday.” All 14 of them. I did not include the link because I don’t want to help reward the cheesiest, lowest of the low. And yes, I am laughing. Not at your premise, but your shameless, pathetic tactics.

Shame bell No. 3.


Hey, not so bad, right? According to, the Patriots have faced worse teams in the divisional round.

In case you missed it: Lamont Mann weighs in on a new death penalty stance on social media and Chris Campese hits on Jeff Bagwell’s Hall credentials, Carlos Beltran and beer.

And finally…This is probably not safe for work. And those of you who click on it are sickos. I find that concept that two completely different animals would have consensual sex to be scientifically interesting. The accompanying video? Not so much. You have been warned.


“When you have insomnia, you’re never really asleep… and you’re never really awake.”

Ed Norton, Fight Club



So after the disgusting story above, I googled “hot women with monkeys.” I don’t know if this is actually a monkey, but he obviously is trained because he sure knows where to put his hand. I am not sure the hottie is all that thrilled about it, but hey, I found a sicko photo for all my sicko friends.


2 Comments on James Harden keeps doing sick things, shame bells including slideshow hate, inter-species intercourse and hot women with a monkey: The update for Jan. 11

  1. Even on my most bored days at work, the last thing I want to do is click through an ad-riddled, slow running website for a slide show, where a list would work just fine. deserves several shame bells.


  2. I am not a James Harden fan but this guy is having an amazing season. Hope he can keep it up throughout the playoff which I fear he will not


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