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Roof case brings new stance on death penalty out on social media

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a regular contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff.  His political views do not necessarily reflect those of or the site’s owners or advertisers.


I believe in the death penalty, and I know people who are anti-death penalty but after Dylan Roof’s death sentence there is a new category.   

Dylan Roof is a white supremacist who murdered nine black church members. Tuesday, he received the death penalty.  I monitored Twitter to see the outcome’s vibe.   As expected, a lot of people were for and against the death penalty but to my surprise there was another popular category.

There are a massive group of people who seemed to recycle the same stance, “I’m anti-death penalty but since it’s Dylan, I will make an exception.”

I laughed so hard retweeting hundreds of tweets because it clearly means you are not anti-death penalty, you are political.

The more I thought about it — it hit me. Not only is it political, it’s an ideological dilemma for liberals. To understand, you must go deep inside of a liberal’s mind.  You must go to place they don’t talk about at parties.  Liberals are conditioned to despise certain issues but today I have witnessed what happens when issues conflict.

Liberals hate the death penalty and racism (as most logical citizens do).  To appease both platform issues, they must make special accommodations.

It’s way too complicated and hard to say Dylan deserves to die without a disclaimer.  Ultimately, these people have shown they are ideological but when sh– really hits them, they display their true feelings about issues.

I have no issues with the death penalty and I know people will say people are wrongfully executed and my thoughts are people are wrongfully imprisoned, should we stop putting people in prison?   I do not believe someone wrongfully executed is a circumstance that should be overlooked but that’s not a reason for me to say the death penalty should be dissolved.


2 Comments on Roof case brings new stance on death penalty out on social media

  1. Julian Rodriguez // January 11, 2017 at 3:05 pm // Reply

    Great read, Lamont. Agree, 100%.


  2. Being ok with executing innocent people occasionally because some others deserve it is not ok. We can release imprisoned people who are exonerated. We can not make wrongfully executed people undead.


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