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Why Bagwell deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, proof that signing Beltran is already paying off and a beer review

Jeff Bagwell was finally elected in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Editors Note: Chris is a southeast Texas native that has followed Houston sports for most of his life. His main hobbies are drinking good beer or whiskey, watching and betting sports, and being a family man. You can follow him on twitter @ChrisCampise


On Jan. 18, Jeff Bagwell will be one of the baseball Hall of Fame nominees that find out their fate. Last year, Bagwell obtained 71.6% of the vote, just shy of the 75% mark needed to get in. Historically speaking, players that are that close typically get in easily the next year. Bagwell should get in, and rightfully so.

Bagwell’s MLB career spanned 15 years starting in 1991 and ending in the World Series loss to the White Sox in 2005, all of which he played for the Astros. Bagwell was hot from the start, winning the National League Rookie of the Year in 1991, then winning the NL MVP unanimously in 1994. He earned a spot on the All-Star team four times, earned three Silver Sluggers, along with a Gold Glove. He also went six consecutive seasons with over 100 RBIs and 30 home runs. He hit all the checkboxes you’d want in a Hall of Famer.

Here is a look at his career stats, and how they would rank against the other 22 first basemen already in the Hall of Fame:

  • Batting Average: .297 (18th)
  • On Base Percentage: .408 (5th)
  • Slugging Percentage: 540 (6th)
  • Hits: 2314 (11th)
  • Home Runs: 449 (6th)
  • RBIs: 1529 (9th)
  • Runs: 1517 (8th)
  • Stolen Bases: 202 (8th)

On Jan. 18 there will be a second “Killer B” in the Hall of Fame, and there’s no question that he deserves that and to continue to have his name and number up in the rafters at Minute Maid Park.

Carlos Beltran: In my write-up of the Astros’ off-season moves I mentioned how Beltran could be a great influence for the young Astros clubhouse. Beltran solidified that with a great piece he wrote for The Player’s Tribune. One thing is for sure, if all the pieces come together like they have the potential to do, this will indeed be a special season for the Astros.

Saint Arnold’s White Noise: I tried this beer for the first time this weekend and was pleasantly pleased. If you like Witbiers, definitely give it a try while you can, since it’s one of their seasonal offerings. It has a nice citrus taste but not overly fruity, and is easy to drink.

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  1. From everything I am hearing, Bagwell is a done deal


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