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Buy this poster or bad things will happen, Texans-Patriots, Rockets, an open letter to George R.R. Martin, a Tinder moment and more: The update for Jan. 12

We start with some stuff about the site…

If you have not yet had a chance to pick up a copy of your limited edition Blitz poster at Bedrock City Comics, they are running out fast. If you go to one of the stores and they are out, you can order one and ask them to send it to you. These are a very limited edition item and will not last long. They are inexpensive and all proceeds go to the 100 Club. It’s a cool thing for your kid to have up in their room, especially if they sing along with the “gem of the day” song. Mention ESPN for 10 percent off. If you don’t buy one, then the Red Witch will make evil things happen to you. (Yes, there are Thrones references throughout today).

Meanwhile, if you missed it last night, we have a fun piece from Tyler Cloud and Holly XO on why you should love or hate the Cowboys. It’s a fun read, and good stuff from both of them. Really happy to have both involved in the site. Holly is the mastermind of a very snarky and knowledgeable football site, For lack of a better word, she is a damned good sh– talker. Get on her bad side andshe will remind you of an all-grown-up Arya…

Sometime in the next couple days I will be dropping some new fiction on the site. It had not occurred to me until last night that it has been eight years since I have written any original fiction, excluding finishing the novel. This is probably going to wind up as a fantasy novella that might one day be extended into a full-length work. It involves Vegas, gambling, witches (including a redheaded one, of course), small-town Saskatchewan, loss, redemption and trying to come to grips with one’s past, present and future when all collide at once. It’s another that I think might make a solid movie one day. It is going to be longer than I intended, but hopefully you will enjoy it.

Spit talk: Tom Brady thinks any talk of a blowout against the Texans is “ridiculous.” Give him credit for saying the right things, but no one in their right mind is believing him about that. Yes, the Texans defense is seriously good. But the Patriots rarely take a team lightly, especially in the playoffs, so Brady is right about one thing — don’t expect a letdown.

Had to end sometime: The Rockets hot streak came to an end last night in Minnesota. The T Wolves beat the Rockets 119-105 in the second of a back-to-back for Houston. James Harden was pretty mortal despite 33 points, hitting just 2 of 11 threes. The Rockets were due for a clunker; they don’t really have many bad losses on the resume. This was one.

The night is dark and full of terrors: You know what we don’t need in life? A guy who routinely kills of every major character in his books wishing evil upon our fair city. George R.R. Martin, noted Patriot and Cowboys hater, said this:  “if we wind up with a Cowboy/Patriots Super Bowl, I will be rooting for A Giant Asteroid (to) Strike Houston.” Look, George, buddy…I’m a huge fan. I have a Targaryen sweat shirt. I have a Tyrion shirt. I have Red Witch underwear (OK, maybe not. Personal fantasy thing. TMI. My apologies). But don’t wish that evil on us, man. We can’t be brought back from the dead. Just because your teams suck does not mean you need to kill us off. My goodness man, have you noticed how frustrating the sports scene in Houston has been? Maybe not. Probably because we are like Braavos. Nobody is really interested in us when it comes to the great game. We are kind of on the sideline. Now if you want to wish two separate asteroids on Dallas and New England the week of the championship games, well…I’m with you. Although in retrospect, I probably should not be too upset. After all, I have you in my Dead Pool. So I guess we are even*…

*-all kidding aside, the man is an absolute genius.

And finally…Love me, Tinder: I don’t know Michael Che, because I never watch SNL. But I am guessing if you are on that show, you are better than a “D-List” celebrity. His Tinder battle is with someone I have never heard of either, so I guess that makes her a Z-lister. I probably would not start something like this with a comedian. Regardless, hilarity ensues… Enjoy…


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,” said Jojen. “The man who never reads lives only one.”

— George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

(Did I mention he was a genius?)



No, this was not a google search. Are you team Eagle? Team Texan? Team Eagle is our very own Holly XO, making her debut on the site last night. So, yes, we are posting a hot picture of one of our good friends and site contributors just to satisfy your disgusting need for hotties on the site. I am so ashamed of all of you right now. The sacrifices we make just to entertain our beloved readers…

1 Comment on Buy this poster or bad things will happen, Texans-Patriots, Rockets, an open letter to George R.R. Martin, a Tinder moment and more: The update for Jan. 12

  1. I love reading everything you write, and can’t wait for the new fiction. At the same time I love the hotties you post and never thought I would pick Eagles over Texans


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