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Love the Cowboys? Hate the Cowboys? Here is a look at both sides

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are polarizing.


Editor’s note: Ty Cloud is a former University of Houston football player and a terrific dude. He is also a lifelong Cowboys fan. As a former offensive lineman, he has a very good eye for the sport and also has a great sense of humor. His first offering was an excellent piece on what it was like to lose a coach late in the season. Unlike M. Night Shyamalan, he is not a one-hit wonder. He will be a regular contributor to HS&S. Here is his take on the ‘Boys. Follow him on Twitter @Ty_Cloud64

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The Dallas Cowboys. You either love them or you hate them. I haven’t met many football fans that are just “meh” about Dallas. It is usually one extreme or the other – I personally choose to love them (born and raised in Dallas). Being a Cowboys fan in Houston goes just how you would expect… You are severely disliked. Why are Cowboy fans so hated? Where do we start?

  1. “America’s Team” – I was in diapers when this nickname was created so to me  America’s Team is the New England Patriots (With the utmost sincerity Texans fans… Good Luck this weekend in Foxboro) but if it you want headlines – we are unfortunately still America’s Team.
  2.  Super Bowl Argument – Yelling “FIVE RINGS” over and over again to win an argument. That must be pretty annoying since we haven’t grabbed a ring since the Rockets have. I don’t usually use that to fall back on, however, to all those Eagles fans… suck on these five rings while you wait for your first one. (Texans have only been around for 15 years so that argument is moot).
  3. Jerry Jones – I don’t have much rebuttal for you here. The guy wanted Manziel over Zach Martin, talks about circumcising mosquitoes and likes to call Dak “The Daddy”. I cannot and will not justify these things.
  4. By the way who is going to drop $50 for a Pete Rose style Manziel Selfie at Katy Mills? Yeah, me neither.

I’m sure I have missed several reasons as to why most Houstonians hate the Cowboys, but the three above seem to be the overwhelming majority. When I moved to Houston in 2009 it didn’t take long to find out how the city of Dallas and the franchises that represent it are viewed here. So How in the heck or simply why do I love the Cowboys

  1. I love that in the first 29 years of the franchise’s existence we were led by one of the Greatest coaches of all time – Tom Landry.
  2. I love that when Landry was ousted and we were terrible  we bamboozled Minnesota to take Herschel Walker and used 18 draft picks to build a foundation of players that would win three titles.
  3.  I love the book “Boys Will Be Boys” by Jeff Pearlman and if you haven’t read it do so… you will wonder how in the hell the Cowboys won games in the 90’s.
  4. I love that as you read this you are starting to hate the Cowboys even more.

So in conclusion I see why most hate the Cowboys. We have highly annoying fans and some of us might live in the mid-90’s permanently. So to all my mid-90’s counterparts… see you at NRG on 2/5/17.


Editor’s note: HOLLY XO has her own, fun football website, She’s funny, fearless and like Ty has a terrific sense of humor that should play well on the site. She is a Roc The Mic finalist and has a great future in media. She will be contributing to HS&S in a variety of ways over the next few months. Follow her on Twitter at xoholly.



A recent study proved that 4 out of 5 people agree that Dallas Cowboys fans are the worst in the league. So this “study” isn’t from Harvard… AND I’m an Eagles fan but you will agree with me, I’m sure of it (in case you were wondering, the fifth person polled was clearly a Dallas fan).

Where shall we begin?

How about at the bar? You can count on losing your buzz if you are caught in a bar with a Cowboy fan. Is it just me or do they insist on killing everyone’s vibe?

I’ll be minding my own business and ‘lo and behold, some weirdo in a Romo jersey will initiate small talk.

“A [insert your team here] fan huh? When was the last time you guys won a Super Bowl?”

Yours was in 1995. I would rather have NO rings than still be reminiscing about a SB win that took place when the hottest thing on TV was Topanga from Boy Meets World. That’s just me though… or is it?

I know Dallas fans like to live in the past, but let’s fast forward to present day. They are convinced that they are the stat gods.

“Ezekiel Elliot is the best RB in the NFL! Check his stats!”

I’m not too sure about you guys, but on draft day the Cowboys supporters around ME weren’t excited whatsoever with the Elliot pick. Now that he’s helping you to the playoffs, you  suddenly become stat-obsessed freaks.

Here’s some FACTS for you guys:

Elliot is NOT the best back in the league right now. Is he a freak? Absolutely. But hey, if you throw me behind an O-Line stacked with four pro bowlers I’d probably average a good 3-4 yards per carry, too.

Dak Prescott? It wasn’t until week 15 that you guys actually gave this kid some credit. Instead, being the delusional fans you are, you yell for Romo. For the love of God, please put Romo in so you can go back to being losers.

Here’s another FUN fact for Dallas fans: No one actually likes Romo except for YOU.

I can easily name seven other QBs I’d choose over him. However, I enjoyed Romo when he used to play against my Eagles. He put the ball in our hands more than our own QB did. I would like to personally thank him for all of the wins we knocked off in Dallas.

Oh, and who DOESN’T love when the Cowgirls win? I mean, how else would I rather spend my day than scrolling through 7,367 pages of #WeDemBoys tweets (grammatically speaking, this phrase already annoys me).

Look, we’re really proud of you guys for coming out to play this season. I mean, if my team only won four games all last year, I’d be pretty excited too.

I guess we have to cut the Dallas fans some slack. After twelve losses, it can be pretty easy to forget what winning feels like.

Wait, Dez caught it? A side note from the other fans around the league… Let’s just clear the air. We will let you think that he indeed caught that ball if you guys promise to never bring it up again.

As far as “America’s Team” goes, may I again bring up the past? Besides this season, your cheerleader’s reality show brought in more ratings than Romo. [Go ahead and give Dak some more love for bringing you back from the dead]. So to all of the Dallas fans, you and “Dem Boyz” can take your annoying comments and keep it moving.


2 Comments on Love the Cowboys? Hate the Cowboys? Here is a look at both sides

  1. Love that your Eagles lost 9 games this year. Makes me smile ear to ear.


  2. Forget 1995, do you remember 2009. Cowboys fans do!


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