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The long haul, NFL Final Four, badass rock and roll, a Florida story and more: The update for Jan. 16

Will Antonio Brown get the Steelers back to the Super Bowl?

First off, congratulations to everyone who participated in the Houston Marathon and half marathon. And I don’t mean the professional Kenyans and Ethiopians; the people who challenged themselves to do something special and went out and accomplished it. You should be very proud and are much admired.

On with the show…

We are down to the Final Four in the NFL. Two of these teams will be in Houston for the Super Bowl. With all due respect to the teams that lost, these are the four best.

The Patriots took care of the Texans, and will now host the Steelers in the AFC Championship. The Patriots have been the best team in football all season long, but the Steelers might be the one team that can knock them off. Pittsburgh grinded out an field goal driven 18-16 win over the Chiefs. This should be a good one.

In the NFC, Matt Ryan and the Falcons are playing like a team on a mission.  The defense has played much better in the second half of the season, and regular season Ryan showed up against the Seahawks. This will be an interesting matchup with the Packers, who are playing as well as anyone in football right now and won a tough one in Dallas.

You simply could not have asked for better matchups, unless you were a fan of one of the other teams.

Rock and roll: This is one of the most badass things I have heard in a long time. If you like the X-Men and kickass guitar work, this is for you.

Only in Florida? So that I Phone did not work out for you? Yeah, crash your SUV into the store. That works every time.


“At the end of a marathon, it’s going to hurt whether you’re speeding up or slowing down. You may as well push.”

— Summer Sanders



I have to admit, I was a little nervous when I googled “hot marathon runners.” You never know what you are going to get. But if I were into this sort of thing, I would say this search went very well. Enjoy, my disgusting friends.



1 Comment on The long haul, NFL Final Four, badass rock and roll, a Florida story and more: The update for Jan. 16

  1. Guitar work was phenomenal!


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