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Will O’Brien make the right OC hire? A special thanks to my Canadian friends, an escaped dinosaur and more: The update for Jan. 17

After firing his longtime collaborator George Godsey, what Bill O'Brien does next will define his Texans tenure.

In the wrapup of the Texans season, one of the first things mentioned was a change at offensive coordinator was a must.

Apparently the Texans agreed. George Godsey was sent packing on Monday afternoon. It was an important step, and while on the surface it seemed easy, Godsey and O’Brien have been together a long time.

While that move in and of itself was a necessary start, what happens next with the hire could have a major impact on both the Texans and O’Brien’s future.

The question becomes is O’Brien confident enough in himself to bring in someone with play-calling experience? Is he willing to try to find the next young hot shot? Or will he be too stubborn to change and look for status quo answers with different names?

The latter would be a horrible mistake. The Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson suggested that O’Brien might want to name himself OC and merely shuffle current staff. O’Brien has had playcalling duties off and on the last two years. He has been no better — and at times worse — than Godsey.

In the story, Wilson says “And it wouldn’t be a surprise in league circles if O’Brien ultimately decides to operate as his own offensive coordinator next season rather than make an outside hire who wouldn’t be as well-versed in the complicated system O’Brien brought with him from his days as the New England Patriots’ offensive coordinator collaborating with star quarterback Tom Brady.”

“Complicated system?” What is actually complicated about O’Brien’s system? It has been one of the most simplistic in the NFL. Wilson goes on to say this:

“O’Brien has the most extensive knowledge and background in the system and would likely be the most aggressive play-caller.”

Those statements should be alarming to every Texans fan. Wilson is pretty tied in, so it has to be considered a possibility.

And what very well could be a career-defining mistake. Hopefully, those “league circles” are O’Brien’s people again, who have been leaking stories like a PR Firm of late.

The Texans have peaked with O’Brien’s offense. To assume Godsey was the sole problem when the two were joined at the hip is frankly insane.

When Gary Kubiak was in the same position, he fired Frank Bush and hired Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator. The result was the best season in team history.

O’Brien is in a similar boat. He has a good enough defense to win the Super Bowl. The offense needs a dramatic shakeup. There is more to be done besides OC, but this is a critical start.

The implication that O’Brien’s offense is “too complicated” for an experienced play caller is a joke. OCs come into new systems all the time. They run what is there, but they also add new twists and wrinkles to make it better. And they call the right plays more often than not, something O’Brien has failed to do.

If that eventually becomes the move — O’Brien calling plays — then it is no move at all. For the Texans to truly improve on offense, O’Brien needs to put aside his arrogance and massive ego and bring in someone who will take what he has done and make it better. Someone who will challenge him. Someone who will help develop a quarterback. Preferably someone with head coaching experience in the league. There are good candidates out there. Brad Childress’ name has popped up in Buffalo. Norv Turner might want back in. Hell, even get on the phone to Chip Kelley. Anyone who could bring a fresh look to what is already there.

Because another year of the SOS is not going to cut it. And O’Brien is probably too arrogant to realize that wasting another year of a top defense will likely cost him his job.

A special thanks: I really appreciate all the feedback on Journey to the Land of the Living Skies. (If you missed it, we posted it last week). It is the first new fiction I have written in a long time, and I especially want to thank my Canadian friends for their input on the part of the story based in Saskatchewan. I will probably leave it up a couple more weeks, then take it down and start expanding it into a full-length novel. Writing fiction is probably still my greatest satisfaction, and now that it is finally becoming profitable I will be doing a lot more of it. Thanks again to all of you for taking time out of your busy days to read, comment and email me about it. It means a lot.

In case you missed it: Lots of cool football related stuff over the weekend. Lamont Mann weighed in with a Texans piece, Brien O’Donal shared what it was like being a Packer fan at a Cowboy party.  We have had some fun new contributors to the site of late and I can’t thank them enough.

Coming up: Sam Houston Race Park starts on Friday. I will be doing the free tip sheet at the track again, and will be posting picks here as well. The ones we do here will likely get a little more in depth when I have the time to do it. I will also be posting a full guide for opening night…Also, expect a brewery review today or tomorrow on the excellent new Midtown brewery Under The Radar. I have been spending a lot of time there of late and have a lot of good things to say about the place.

No wonder Florida is crazy:  You would be too if you had to live in fear of this monster. That’s not an alligator; that’s an escapee from the Jurassic World set. Imagine how many boots could be made from this guy…


“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”

— John Wooden



In honor of that monster alligator, I decided today’s random hottie search would be for “Hot women with alligators.” You never know what you are going to get with these searches, so I am making a great personal sacrifice just by doing it. Imagine the freaky things that might come up on a search like that. But we landed this young lady, so I suppose it was worth it.







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