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Handicapping the title games, tweaking my Canadian friends, Florida (of course) and more: The update for Jan. 20

Will Aaron Rodgers be celebrating again this week?

It is a big weekend in sports. We will learn which teams are coming to Houston for Super Bowl Jet Li. Sam Houston Race Park opens tonight. My fantasy hockey team will stop sucking this weekend.

Or not.

Regardless, a reminder that the Blitz will broadcast live from Sam Houston today from 4-7 p.m. You can find picks for the races here. Also, I will be in the ESPN Zone on the second floor Saturday night from 6-8 p.m. and we will be doing a free handicapping contest that starts with Race 3.

We start with two extremely compelling championship games. I only made one bet last week and probably will play just one this week. Brien O’Donal broke them down as well. Let’s look at the games:

Green Bay plus 4.5 at Atlanta: Two of the hottest teams in the game square off in Atlanta. The Falcons destroyed the Seahawks last week, and Matt Ryan is playing like the MVP of the league. But the Packers have been here before, and Aaron Rodgers is playing out of his mind as well. I am just going to sit back with a beer and enjoy the hell out of this one. But if you must, I think the Pack can keep it to a field goal and maybe win outright, so that is where I would lean. The over is an astounding 61, but the way these teams score, could you bring yourself to go under? I couldn’t. No bets for me either way. Should be one hell of a game. Prediction: Falcons 38-35.

New England -6 vs. Pittsburgh: The Steelers were my preseason Super Bowl pick and they have done nothing to prove me wrong. Yet. But New England is just too good, and the Patriots tend to have the Steelers’ number. New England did not play well last week and still whacked the Texans. They will play much better this week. The Steelers will score, but Big Ben makes a mistake or two, the Patriots pounce and book their flights to Houston. I will play the Patriots to cover here. Prediction: New England 31-20.

Harden an All-Star: James Harden will start in the All-Star Game along with Steph Curry in the backcourt. Russell Westbrook was left out. Based on the years they are having, it should have been Harden and Westbrook. But Rocket fans have to be happy. That’s all that matters, right?

Florida, of course: Gotta admire this guy’s nerve. Wait, no you don’t. Typical Florida dude. Not so well played sir.

And finally…Oh, Canada: Yes, I wrote a really nice piece about the Land of the Living Skies. You guys are having a lot of fun at our expense over the new president. But in Vancouver…oh, my. So Moby Dick is offensive to you? Is it the Moby or the Dick? What the hell Vancouver? Yes, you make some great weed. It’s a beautiful place to visit. But if Dick is not allowed…Shame bell on you.


“I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I’ll go to it laughing.”

— Herman Melville, Moby Dick, because…well, see the story above. It all kind of makes sense in a holistic way…



So I googled “hot Vancouver women” because I believed our friends to the North needed to redeem themselves. Do you think she has read Moby Dick and knows the reference to the restaurant? If so, you are forgiven, Vancouver. If not? Well, who doesn’t like a little body paint on a Friday?





4 Comments on Handicapping the title games, tweaking my Canadian friends, Florida (of course) and more: The update for Jan. 20

  1. Fred,

    On my computer’s view, the text is cut off on the right hand side. Is it just me?


  2. I double checked it on both my computers and on the phone and it seemed fine. Maybe something with your browser? If anybody else has issues please let me know and I will repost.


    • Oh Falcon, I hope you’re wrong about my Steelers. Brady has been sub par his last 2 playoffs games and the Steelers Defense has been as good as anybody the last 8 weeks. Not to mention, we’re overdue to beat them in a meaningful game. Cheers sir!


  3. ODonalsVanguard // January 20, 2017 at 3:54 pm // Reply

    Wow, I love the tales of Florida Man. My buddy in Sarasota tells me he is a legend in the state. Also, what the hell Vancouver!


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