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Sam Houston Race Park picks for Saturday, Jan. 21

Here are Saturday’s picks for Sam Houston Race Park. We have provided alternate selections from what you will find on the on-track tip sheet for the races scheduled for the turf, in the likelihood the races are moved to the main track.

Three winners in six races on the opening card, which on the surface looks terrific, but in reality, all three were short prices and we missed on all the exotics. So one of those nights that looks good in the box score but was really a loss. We will try to do better tonight. On the whole, our picks tend to improve as the meet goes on and horses get a race over the track.

(For a description of how these picks work and hot to use them, check here).

Also, a reminder I will be at the track tonight from 6-8 in the ESPN Zone. Drop by and say hello. Here we go:


ATLANTICO NORTE should improve in second start versus winners
Digging deeper: Will probably go light to start the early pick three, just using the 2/3.
SAUCY SHADOW has speed and drops in class, always a dangerous combo
Digging deeper: We will use all four of the horses listed above in the pick threes. I would also consider throwing in the 6. If Saucy Shadow clears, the horse probably wins. If not, it gets wide open fast.


CANYUTEL’S only turf effort was solid and could improve
Digging deeper: Despite a potential surface switch, I don’t see much reason to change the picks, other than to perhaps move the 4 horse up a couple notches. Taking these four in the early pick three (2-3 with 1-2-4-5 with 1-2-3-4) should get you home.
SHE’S ALL RANGER seems to fit best at this level
Digging deeper: Sometimes you just have to say I have no idea how this race is going to play out. I like the prices on the two outside horses but otherwise no result would be a surprise.
POT LIQUOR does not like to win, but is always in the hunt
Digging deeper: If this one comes off the turf, we will be four deep with the 4-5-6-7 and toss the 2-3.
BLAME THE CADDIE ships in for the powerhouse Broberg barn
Digging deeper: This horse should be in the mix at a short price, but like some long shots to get a piece in the 2 and the 5, so a good race to take some trifecta chances with.
COCAPTAIN will be a short price but looks tough here
Digging deeper: Another Broberg horse, and it’s always hard to get around his horses. He simply puts them exactly where they belong and he has runners at every level. Like the 1-2-4 tied to him, along with the 3, who should also be a big price.
CAN’T BE WRONG turned it on late last year and will be tough if ready
Digging deeper: The 1 horse looks best on either surface tonight. Might take a stand against the 7 horse in exotics with the 4, 5 and 6.
Like the 1A SPECIAL STREET quite a bit if she stays in the race
Digging deeper: Some money to be made in the exotics here if we can keep the 2 horse out of the mix. The 2 drops from maiden special but has been running on the turf and could regress. That opens it up for horses like 3, 5 and 7 to make an impact at good prices.

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