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A Millennial’s Perspective on the Current American Climate


Disclaimer:  This is a perspective piece, who’s purpose is to  create objective, bipartisan thought and discussion.  Discussion is welcome, but will need to remain respectful. 

What a time to be alive… We, the American people, are more distracted, depressed, pessimistic, disengaged, insulted, offended, and separated than ever.  We are, at the same time, in the midst of the greatest age of human history… The information age has given us the tools to truly accomplish anything we want, and these tools are getting better and cheaper by the year. Things like education, healthcare, access to jobs: Literally all at our fingertips.

We say we want to grow. We say we want to move forward and accelerate our lives in an age that has the capacity to truly do so. We say we need to do this at a pace that exceeds the rest of the world.

No matter one’s political affiliation, I think we can all align with this.

Eight years ago, when President Obama was elected for the first time, I recall the same reaction from ’08 Republicans that you’re seeing from ’16 democrats. Hate, disdain, and a refusal to participate for the duration of the president’s incumbency. Oh yeah, and by the way… 50% of the county did not participate this time around. We’re all either pissed off or don’t want to be involved.

Do we want this for every election we have for the rest of our lives? Do we want to live in the split America we’ve lived in for the last 8-plus years? If the answer is yes, feel free to stop reading here.

I’d like you to Imagine a house. This house can be anywhere, any size. Doesn’t matter. Now imagine that this house is over 200 years old. Its well being, its prosperity, its good or bad nature…all relying on its 240-year-old foundation.

This foundation is amazingly solid. Its been through hell, but it remains its greatest asset. Its principals have endured hardship. Its refused to give in.

There are, however, glaring problems with the house. Its pluming: shot. Windows broken, floors warped. Its in bad shape.  It’s owners relied on its solid foundation for so long, they neglected to maintain the secondary but crucial aspects of the house necessary for inhabitance.

This is, through my eyes, the climate in America, thee days after we have sworn in our 45th president.

We the American people have neglected to address our major issues for too long.  It’s time to admit this. The American political system, education system, media, healthcare system, and economy (think mortgage and student loan crisis) are models that all need real innovation. This is no secret, and few will deny that the major functions of our government could use a 21st century upgrade. This is in part how Trump got elected- by promising to fix a broken political system.

Eight years ago, President Obama was elected on the same message: CHANGE. President Obama tried to fix the metaphorical house using the tools from 250 years ago. The result? He showed us that a non-destructive approach — one that relies on the politics and policies of 21st century America —  is a losing approach. This is not a slight to Obama, but the system in which he tried to operate in. Addressing our major challenges as a county using a broken system is not going to work… So how do we erect a new building where an old one has stood for nearly 250 years? Patchwork has proven ineffective. Fixing the house part by part will take far to long.

We need a wrecking ball. It seems Donald Trump is that wrecking ball.

Donald Trump is the perfect candidate to be this wrecking ball. He’s going to do what he wants, and he has the House and Senate to back him. He’s willing to lie right to America’s face about anything (which unfortunately is not a subjective statement). He has the power to shape policies in a way that, upon potential failure, could be left in ruins. Drastically changing things like healthcare, immigration, education, etc. will result in extreme outcomes: Either it will be done so well it serves as the innovation the country needs, or it fails so badly that it leaves the country in ruins — the equivalent of a college fraternity rolling up on the metaphorical house and throwing a three-day rager.

Is this a good thing? Perhaps. Like it or not, Donald J. Trump is our president. What positives can we look forward to? Trump is right about a few things. We do have smart people in this county, lots of them. We do have the ability to be great, to continue to do things that are unprecedented in the world.

One of those might be the possibility of a presidency gone so badly wrong, it cripples American politics as we know it. The positive result of this? America is forced to innovate. Time for the big boy and girl pants to come on.

What does that mean for our country?  Peace should always remain the the goal for all Americans. Let go of hate and prejudice.  Plan for the future and begin to imagine what our new house will look like once the debris is cleared and the dust has settled. We’ve elected our wrecking ball, and its starting to sway with momentum. As we look to the future, one question is pressing… Which, if any, will be the first part of the house to go?






4 Comments on A Millennial’s Perspective on the Current American Climate

  1. First part of the house to go… state sponsored professional victimhood.


  2. who is this?


  3. Was this written by one of those crazy Russian bloggers pretending to be a patriotic American ? Or is it an American who just reminds me of Dostoevsky ?


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