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President Trump versus The Media and #WomenMarch

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a regular contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff.  His views do not necessarily reflect those of or the site’s owners or advertisers.

(Warning: Photos below contain graphic content)


One of my main issues with President Trump is I always felt his counter punching strategy displayed throughout the election cycle would carry over into his presidency.  I know he is an unconventional president; he is really party-less using the GOP for convenience.  It is hard to compare him to past presidents because clearly he is not playing by those (establishment) rules. Therefore I measure him based on what I am willing accept or deny.

CIA Visit

Saturday, a day after Trump’s Inauguration, he made it a priority for the CIA to be his first official visit.  The purpose of the visit was to mend the fences between himself and the intelligence community.  He reassured the CIA that he supports them and does not have a problem with them.  The tone was comedic and loose.  If you do not know, leading up to the Inauguration there were reports of tension between the CIA and Trump.  The other purpose of the visit was to introduce the potential new CIA director.  

Simple enough, right?  Wrong! For a speech that could have taken all but five minutes lasted 16 minutes. Why? Because we had to listen to Trump brag.  I have come to learn with Trump there is going to be fodder the American people must sift through to get to the substance.  

In the speech, Trump acknowledged a conflict between he and the media which is part of the reason he met with the CIA first, because he believes the media created false stories about himself and the CIA.  He also addressed the media for saying he removed Martin Luther King’s bust when he didn’t.  Finally, he mentioned the media lied about the crowd size at the Inauguration

I was cool because I believed Trump was illustrating a pattern of behavior and trying to prove how the media fabricates stories about him.

Later in the afternoon, Trump’s Press Secretary addressed the media for the first time and reinforced the crowd size issue.  He looked nervous and angry as he called the media out for lying about the crowd size.  He even went as far as to say Trump had the largest crowd in history.  The best way to describe my emotions at that point was like the Mob gangsters in the Sopranos seeing Johnny Sacks cry as he was taken to prison at his daughter’s wedding.  

I was in utter shock that this administration came out of the gate looking petty.  Who gives a flying crap about crowd size?  Pundits like to describe Trump as a “counter puncher,” which holds a positive connotation. In reality he’s impulsive and reactionary and that can be issue on the geopolitical stage.  If your enemy knows how you are going to react, he or she has an advantage.  I do not believe this is comparing him to the previous 44 presidents or even everyday politicians; it’s more about common sense on a much serious scale.

It’s hard for me because like Trump, I do not think the media is worth a damn. I do believe they lie and align themselves with Parties but some sh– is not even worth addressing, like crowd sizes.

Women’s March

While Trump and his Press Secretary were whining about crowd sizes, ladies of America were marching.  Apparently, yesterday females woke up and realize “my rights are not equal to men.”  I followed the trend on Twitter and by follow, I mean, troll.  Women marched all over the globe and the one question everyone on Twitter asked, “What are they marching about?”  

There were tons of kids there and every other sign was the word “pussy” or people dressed like a vagina.  These are the same people who are so worried about what the kids will see.

Although this “organic” protest was framed as Women’s Rights, it all hovered around how Hillary Clinton was cheated (no pun).  I thought to myself, Hillary and the DNC Director Debbie Wasserman hosed Bernie Sanders in the primaries.  Hillary is married to a guy accused of sexually harassing multiple females and she supports him.  The Clintons accept large donations from countries who treat women like animals, forced genital mutilations and arranged marriages.  Pro Life women were not invited.  All in all, it was a bunch of butt hurt women who hate Trump, adore Hillary and an array of many progressive issues.  If anything, it was a Democrat March.

On Twitter, I received some mild backlash for trolling the women’s march.  Some felt I was being a bully or displaying hatred; it was more like me making fun of them because they looked incredibly foolish.  There are real problems in this country and I have no time for people to be fabricating movements out of thin air because their party lost.  The same people who get mad at me for going at protesters will gladly laugh at Trump’s son, go after Trump’s wife, call Trump “orange man” or rip politicians in general and then play high and mighty when people make fun of protesters.

On a positive note, I was pleased that the protest was peaceful with little to no violence.

Below are a few of the most popular #WomenMarch signs.  They were funny and these ladies need to be on ESPN GAMEDAY.





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