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On Johnny Football’s future, the Super Bowl, three sick shames of the week and rock and roll never dies: The update for Jan. 25

It was not that long ago when Johnny Manziel was the toast of football. He won the Heisman Trophy after an amazing season at Texas A&M. He went in the first round of the NFL Draft. He became an instant celebrity.

And that was the problem. Manziel was a Kardashian. He was a TMZ star. And he played the part well. Everything he did became headlines. And he did a lot.

His career flamed out almost as quickly as he emerged on the scene.

Manziel now claims he is cleaning things up in hopes of making a comeback. He made news this week for tweeting at Donald Trump, then deleting his account in hopes of “bettering himself.”

It’s hard to take him seriously considering all the false starts at trying to fix his issues in the past. Manziel thinks he is going to work his way back to the NFL. It is not going to happen.

What he should do is take his talents north of the border for a couple seasons. If he really is serious about repairing his career, a couple dominant seasons in the CFL would go a long way. (Although that is no lock. While his skill set would fit the league to a T, the quality of play is no joke). But it would also let the NFL know he is focused on football. With the dearth of quality quarterback play in the NFL, then he might get another chance. And he could take advantage.

Against my better judgement, I like Manziel. I hope he is being honest. And I hope he works his way back.

But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Super Bowl news and notes: New England will get the better deal when it comes to practice facilities. The Pats will be at UH; the Falcons get Rice.

Also, the Patriots fans of Houston have put together a web site to help fans from out of town. They are also keeping you up to date on Patriots related events.

And finally, on the Super Bowl, Yardbarker gives you a list of names to know for the game.

And as an aside: I further confirmed my commitment to be in Houston for a long time by buying a house yesterday. I wish I could say it was a fun process, but getting the loan was a nightmare. That aside, I can’t say enough nice things about our realtors at Keller Williams — Michelle and Samia. They were terrific throughout the whole thing and if you ever need realtors I can’t say enough nice things about them. Samia in particular was awesome. Thanks guys!

On to our three shames of the week…

Pac damn: Pacman Jones was Manziel before Manziel. And he is at it again. His arrest has turned in to a weird story. His response to the cops was classic.  Get arrested and tell them to suck your Richard? Not so well-played, sir.

Shame Bell No. 1.


AARP pay per views? This is Florida, of course. Listen, I like Jacksonville. Lots of nice old people there. Well how about a 70-year-old getting arrested for solicitation? Who buys that? Would you not break her hip? I know Florida has old people, but should you not skewer just a little younger? I have no issue with our hooker. But the buyers?

Shame bell No. 2.


Sword of Damn-a-clees: Oh, England. You continue to be a paler Florida with a sexy accent. Yes, sword tricks are fun. But when they start slicing you up…

Shame bell No. 3.


And this big announcement: From our friends at Twelve Years Driven…


In honor of Johnny Football…

“A career is a series of ups and downs, of comebacks.”

— Steve Guttenberg, star of the Police Academy movies, 1-476.



OK, I love rock and roll. To this day I still want to have Lita Ford’s baby. So I googled “Hot rock and roll women” in honor of our friends from Twelve Years Driven, who are going to be stars someday. I would settle for a duet with this young lady.

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