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The Left should be praising Trump’s “Wall”

Maybe Donald Trump is not a politician after all; he’s doing what he said he would do all throughout the election cycle.  We are not accustomed to that.

As promised, Trump moved forward on the construction of the wall on the southern border via executive order.  Most are focusing on the wall but the executive order also included more Border Patrol in addition to actions against sanctuary cities.

Personally, I do not believe it will be effective.  I think it’s more about symbolism and insurance.  Since the election, I believed Trump would be gone in four years but delivering on the wall has convinced me he’s in for both terms.  Trump delivered his base one of his central campaign platform issues and they will remember.

Now that we have gotten the formalities out of the way, today was an excellent day for some trolling.  Daily I wake up and see what Trump is doing, not for the “good of the country” but because I know Liberals are going to freak out and freak out they did.


There is nothing more amusing than American citizens trying to stop an executive order or congressional legislation than a good ole fashion hashtag.  In case you haven’t received the memo, a hashtag is not going to stop a cement truck, a mason, a bulldozer and a backhoe from completing a job.

The left was livid.  Some of them were so upset, they were tweeting crazy things like “What about the US Taxpayer.”  Seriously, when have you heard the left concern themselves with obscure stuff like taxpayers? They tend to think everything is free and the US Government creates money out of thin air.

The left should rejoice

As I watched the meltdown on Twitter, I thought they have been given a gift.  In the world we are living in, it’s hard to look eight years out —  to be honest it’s hard to look eight tweets out — but there will be another Democrat President.  When it comes to power in U.S. politics, I always keep in mind, what if?  For example, President Obama signed a sh– ton of executive orders, I always wondered what would this lead to. In less than a week in control, Trump has already moved to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.


The wall is a hand-delivered Berlin Wall gift for Democrats.  I can easily see the next Democrat President making the wall (if constructed) a focus and will take it down.  Every damn movement under the Democrat umbrella would be at the border with a tool destroying the wall.  There will be crying and cameras — you know –the usual faux show.

Bottom line, the minute Democrats regain power, the wall will be obliterated and it will be a show damn near a Hollywood production.   Overly sensitive citizens on the left can’t see it now but believe me, hundreds of Democratic strategists are already working on a plan.

After seeing how Trump moved on the Affordable Care Act, I can easily envisioned the next Democrat president killing the wall which is why I believe it’s a wasted expense.

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