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We’ve seen this act from Rondo before

Is Rajon Rondo pointing the finger at the right person?

Editor’s note: Ty Cloud is a former University of Houston football player and a terrific dude. He is also a lifelong fan of Dallas sports teams and a regular contributor to the site. Follow him on Twitter @Ty_Cloud64



As a Mavs fan I feel like I have to let out some emotion on this Rajon Rondo drama. Dude literally quit on us during a playoff series against the Rockets. From the time he was brought in there were constant issues with him and Rick Carlisle. Dallas wasn’t going to win that series if Rajon averaged a triple double, but the principle of it matters.

He earned his fame by playing annoyingly good defense and always selling out with max effort in Boston (that looks like it was more on Doc Rivers/Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce than it was Rondo actually being an all out effort guy).

He isn’t even playing in Chicago right now yet he trashes the “Vets” that do care about being on the floor via Instagram. Wade and Butler are actually performing well in Chicago despite a below average roster from players 3-15.

How many chances is this guy going to get? Any franchise with competent leadership isn’t going to bring him in and I’d be shocked if someone actually wanted him before the deadline on Feb. 23.

He is clearly a “Me” guy and is toxic. He had a solid season in Sacramento last year only to still experience less-than-expected interest on the open market last summer.

There is no way he can go back into that Bulls locker room and earn the respect back that he has lost – if so, consider me shocked. If Chicago buys him out I am glad that the Rockets have a PG because a contender will likely take the fall for his services. (How many actual contenders exist in the NBA right now? Three? Four?). So maybe not a contender – but my point as a former athlete that believes in the chemistry of a locker room – Rondo is toxic. Hard Pass.

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