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Super Bowl Day 2: Revenge of the nerds? Astros news (plus an Astros hottie), Man v. Tigers does not go well and perhaps the weirdest Florida story of the year (it involves a Sponge Bob-dressed creeper): The update for Jan. 31

Another beautiful day in H Town as the suns comes up on Day 2 of Super Bowl week. Not as beautiful as the Astros hottie below, but still...

Super Bowl week on Radio Row goes into Day 2 today. Guest-wise, Sage Rosenfels is scheduled to join us at 4:30. The Rosencopter has been pretty honest about that play and how it impacted his career. I am sure a couple other people will drop by as well, but we have not done Tuesdays before so we will see. (The nerd thing in the hedline? That refers to us, not our guests. Don’t ask me why. Just thought it appropriate).

On Monday, we had our good friend Craig Gass for essentially three segments. It is available here, hour No. 1.  He is a really funny dude and you can catch his shows at The Joke Joint this weekend.

And a friendly reminder that we have provided a list of all of our favorite bars/restaurants/and stuff to do. The focus is on the Downtown/Midtown/Eado area where all the events are, so if you have an awesome establishment outside that area, this is why you did not make the list. It does not mean we don’t love you — Carabba’s, Nick’s Place, Saloon Door, etc. — just that we were trying to limit it specifically for people who are coming to the central part of town where all the events are taking place.

And finally, there are still a few tickets remaining to the party of the year Thursday night, The Big Texas Party at Silver Street Studios. GA tickets start at $125 and that includes all you can eat and drink. Pretty such I can drink and eat that much easily. Oh, and you get to meet a lot of stars.

And so it begins: The teams have arrived, and the Super Bowl kickoff was Monday night at Minute Maid Park. Tom Brady spoke and made it clear the events and sideshows — which will be so much fun for us — are not why the Patriots are here.

Picks of the litter: Major League baseball came down hard on the Cardinals for hacking the Astros. The punishment was severe — the Astros get the Cardinals No. 1 and 2 picks in 2017 plus cash. The Cardinals are good, so they won’t be great picks. The penalty seems way too punitive for my test, but I am sure Astros fans are not complaining.

Wes World? The Texans have dipped into the Patriot pool again, hiring Wes Welker as offensive/special teams assistant. Welker was a smart player and should make a good coach, but it would be nice if the Texans weren’t so focused on the New England tree, especially on offense.

Tiger, tiger, eating right: This knucklehead tried to sneak into a zoo by going through the tiger exhibit. Breakfast ensued. I am such a sucker for these kinds of stories…

And finally, Florida, of course: He’s a molester. And a creeper. And he got caught in a trash can dressed as Sponge Bob. I really think the people of Florida are just trying to outdo each other now.


“Trying to ignore all this — this isn’t what the Super Bowl is. There’s a lot of great things we’ve accomplished to this point, but there’s still one more to go.”

— Tom Brady at Super Bowl media opening night


In honor of the Cardinals:

“Hackers are breaking the systems for profit. Before, it was about intellectual curiosity and pursuit of knowledge and thrill, and now hacking is big business.”

— Kevin Mitnick, security consultant/hacker.



So in honor of the Astros being rewarded with draft picks, we searched for “Hot Astros women.” Boy, did it turn up some winners. The choice was difficult, but we went with this young lady, who also gives us that “hot for teacher” look many of us love so much. (OK, me). Minute Maid will be the place to be this year for reasons on the field, but obviously there are some home runs off the field, too. It still disgusts me that you guys want to see this every day, but I am coming around.




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