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Super Bowl Day 3; Shames of the week, Rockets, pastors banging your wife and more: The update for Feb. 1

It has been perfect weather so far. The GRB hosts NFL Experience today starting at 3. Your ticket will get you in the Bridgestone Fan Gallery on Radio Row.

We are on to Day 3 of Super Bowl week, and there is stuff going on for the people. I will be at the Sprint Store in Pearland this morning from 10-11 with Texans cornerback Jonathan Joseph. The address is 2680 Pearland Parkway.

Also, NFL Experience opens at 3 p.m. today. This is a cool thing, especially for kids. The ticket also gets you into the Bridgestone Fan Gallery, which is where we are on radio row.

Interviews should start picking up today as more people arrive. We had DeAndre Washington and Sage Rosenfels yesterday. Both were surprisingly good and are available here in hour No. 1. 

Also, reminder that you have very little time left to get your tickets to The Big Texas Party. Over 100 athletes and celebrities, including Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

Finally, here is a list of my favorite bars and restaurants in the downtown area if you are heading down for any of the events.

On to our three shames of the week:

Not so fast: At the last minute, the NFL pulled Super Bowl credentials for most of the guys from This is a fast-growing, popular web site, one that we link to quite frequently.  The reason? The guys were arrested for doing a sit in to protest the ridiculous Tom Brady punishment in deflategate. I can understand the NFL’s stance, but to pull them on Monday comes off as petty. We are becoming a world where businesses and politicians are limiting the news to positive messages about them. The NFL is well within its rights, and in the grand scheme it seems like a small thing, but the more this happens, the closer we are to becoming the old Soviet Union where our only new is state-sponsored, or in this case business sponsored. The better move would have been to send them an email when they initially approved the credentials warning them that anything out of line would cause the credentials to be revoked. Instead, they come off looking bad.

Shame bell No. 1


Speaking of credentials: Our good buddy Patrick Creighton forgot his and missed a chunk of his show yesterday. While that was shameful enough, Will Palaszczuk filled in and did a great job, so it would up being no big deal. After about a five minute conversation with Will after the show about what a great job he did and about how important it is to have your credentials on you at all times, Will took his off to take a picture with Travis Kelce. (The NFL does not want pictures of its credentials out there). He did not immediately put it back on, and in fact left it on a table. Juveniles that we are, we hid it, got an EMS guy who looked like a cop to play along, and the result was pretty funny. (Will post the full video once it has been edited, but here is the last part of it):

So yes, we are children. But it was funny.

Regardless, Shame Bell No. 2.


And finally…Beat it! Imagine you are a Michael Jackson impersonator. (Apparently that is a thing). You have to be able to dance, right? And you have to be good enough not to shatter your damned spine?

Shame bell No. 3.


Rockets roll: The Rockets have been struggling lately, but they took care of business against Sacramento in the first of their three Super Bowl week home games.

Finally in? It looks like In and Out Burger is finally going to make it to our fair city

And to wrap it up...Probably never a good feeling when you come home and catch your wife in bed doing the nasty. But with the pastor?  I don’t think that was what was intended when she said she was going to “get closer to God.”


“We’re a sh– team, but we’re an underrated sh– team,” he said. “That’s about as accurately as I can put it.”

— Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle after his team beat Cleveland.




Houston hottie week continues, and it is the Rockets turn to play after last night’s victory. Notice the strategically placed tattoos. Always a fan of that. She wears red well. Enjoy.



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