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The Left continues to sing to the Choir


Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a regular contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff.  His views do not necessarily reflect those of or the site’s owners or advertisers.


We are approximately 14 days into Donald Trump’s Presidency and we probably had 67 protests.  Currently, I should be focused on the Super Bowl In my hometown of Houston but Trump has eclipsed the hype of the game.

Daily I get home from work, fire up twitter, search protest or wait for @political_rott to tweet me a good one.  I absolutely love hugging a protest hashtag because the hypocrisy is on full display. Nothing is more entertaining than watching a group of vigilantes tell me how Trump is going to destroy America as they are destroying a city.  In all fairness, all protests have not been violent; there have been some peaceful ones.

Last night, there was a protest on UC Berkley’s campus by ANTIFA (an Anti-Fascist group).  Apparently, they were upset because a Breitbart conservative gay Jewish personality was scheduled to speak.  ANTIFA thought different.

As I watched the riots unfold, I began asking myself a few questions.


I do not believe the protesters were students.  If I had to bet, they were hired help, paid protesters by George Soros.

Do these morons know what fascism is?  They are dredging up brutal governments from the 1940s while displaying Bolshevik behavior in the process.  As I watched commerce burn, citizens beaten and pepper sprayed, I could only think, “if they burn books, this would be the Bolshevik Revolution”

Singing to the Choir

One of the last observations I noticed were the locations.  Most of these protests have one thing in common; they are in liberal or democratic cities. I do not understand demonstrating in areas who likely agree with you.  I would think if you wanted to get your message out, you would negate the cities that agree with you and target the opposition areas.  

If you really think about it, the protest logic is very much like how Hillary Clinton ran her campaign down the stretch. She traveled to areas that were likely leaning Democrat if she traveled at all while Donald Trump zig zagged the nation.

Final Thoughts

I think the left is firing all of their bullets.  They are firing everything they have at Trump over meaningless stuff.  The Executive Orders were expected and the Supreme Court pick is a replacement of a conservative seat; there was not a net gain on the bench.  

All the protests make me think of murder on the nightly news.  Murder is a serious situation but the way we watch it on the news, the public only pays attention if its someone we know or it is heinous.  Sure, the protests are grabbing attention now but I highly doubt it has a long-term shelf life.

These riots and protests are helping and not hurting Donald Trump.  The populace is looking at these riots the same way I am; are you going to bitch about results not going your way?  Are you going to throw a temper tantrum because you are mad while most adults work 40 hours a week?  

4 Comments on The Left continues to sing to the Choir

  1. I almost like this post… except while you were focused on the “riots”, Betsy Devos, Elon Musk, “Bowling Green” et al. were happening. The riots are the distraction but you just wrote an entire piece about people being distracted.


  2. You lost me at “if I had to bet, they were hired help, paid protesters by George Soros.” Could they be just pissed off people? And I also disagree with your statement about only “some” protests have been peaceful. Women’s March and the airport protests have all been peaceful. I should add that they were held all over the US and not just in liberal America, including IAH.


  3. your “observation” is illogical. Are protesters in women’s March all hired and how about the protesters all over the world ? I don’t condone violence and riots but comparing these to Bolshevik behavior is a bit of a stretch…
    your final thoughts are ill-thought-out. What are the meaningless stuff (the immigrant bans, the border wall ) ? and just because they are expected ,it does not mean they are accepted so yes these issues are meaningful to lot of people. I would think these protests help to bring down Trump approval ratings so I think they are making progress.These people protest because these issues affect their lives ,their concerns, the future but because they are disgruntled about the election result so please keep working 40 hours to put out these ill-advised and ill-thought articles. Great work!


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