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Super finish, cheesey thieves, SHRP picks for Monday and more: The update for Feb. 6

The “greatest game ever” and “best quarterback ever” debates are generally thrown out after a game like last night. In our instant reaction society, that is a way of life.

But it sure made sense after the Patriots rallied from 25 down to knock off the Falcons in overtime 34-28 to win the Super Bowl at NRG Stadium. Tom Brady cemented his amazing career with an MVP performance.

Everything had to go right for the Patriots down 28-3. And it did. Questionable play calls by Atlanta on offense. A gassed Falcons defense. A Julian Edelman catch that will be remembered forever.

In the end, the Falcons were inches away from closing the deal several times. But they didn’t. And Brady led a remarkable comeback that will be talked about for years. His legacy is beyond secure: Five Super Bowl rings. Biggest comeback in the 51-year history of the Super Bowl. Most attempts and passing yards. Tom Brady checked off all the boxes.

And controversies aside, we should enjoy the fact we are seeing the greatest quarterback in NFL history as his career winds down.

As for greatest game? It’s certainly in the argument. No one could have watched that game and left disappointed. (Unless you are a Falcons fan. Or bet the under). It was the perfect end to an amazing sports year.

Solid grade: The city of Houston has really become an event city. It did very well with The Final Four last year and the Super Bowl this past week. It’s a shame we will likely never see another Super Bowl here, at least in my lifetime.But overall the city came off looking very good.

Money makers: Here are the Sam Houston Race Park picks for today in case you can’t make it to the track and want my selections from the free tip sheet:


LAST CALL MHF comes out of a tough heat and should be in the mix
ONE MORE FAN is bred to love the grass and could surprise in debut


HOME PARK’S last race is better than it looks on paper
ROYAL LION has been close in some tough turf contests
YES SHE’S A CAT just missed against similar in last
SAN ANTONIO STROLL will be tough if she finds last year’s form
BETTER CONCORD hooked a tough one in last and could take this
KIELBASA has been right there with stakes company
EXPECT TO FLY drops in class and fits well here
Will give IRIDIUM another shot as she stretches out and tries turf
What’s in a name? So a guy steals a pizza. What makes that so special? The criminal’s last name…
“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”
— William “Billy” Shakespeare.




So it is probably time to start talking about baseball season. Here’s our leadoff girl.

3 Comments on Super finish, cheesey thieves, SHRP picks for Monday and more: The update for Feb. 6

  1. Fred, We have already seen 3 Super Bowls here during our lifetime. Unless you are planning on departing this life anytime soon, we just may see another before we kick the bucket!!


  2. Fred,
    I disagree on greatest SB ever notion. For almost 3 full quarters the game was played quite poorly by at least one of the teams. Then in the 4th the Falcons were trash.
    Up until midway in the third it was a boring game.
    Now the 4th quarter was amazing, one of the best comebacks in sports history. Still, 3/4 of the game blew. If a movie has no beginning and middle but finishes with a tremendous movie, that film isn’t winning an Oscar.
    The finish blurred what was heading to be a SB that wouldn’t have ranked in the top half. The comeback does put it in at least top 10 or maybe 5. I’m not going to try and list them but feel 51 isn’t No. 1.


  3. Not even close to the greatest Superbowl ever. Not even close. Greatest comeback? Why yes of course. Horrible game for 3 hours. Essentially no 4th down conversions in comeback. Maybe a top 10 Superbowl game. Don’t think a top 5. Superbowl 49 a hundred times better. It’s the Mike Greenberg syndrome where every game or every player performance that just happens is the greatest of all time. Every week Mike Greenberg states he saw the greatest performance ever by athlete X.


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