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Rockets, Super odds, idiot thieves, idiot security guards, idiot Harambe purchases and more: The update for Feb. 8

James Harden and the Rockets are not moving the needle.

The Rockets took care of their business last night, knocking off Orlando 128-104. They now sit a pretty solid third in the West, three games behind the second-seeded Spurs and 3.5 ahead of surprising Utah, despite being a pedestrian 5-5 in their last 10.

The trade deadline is fast approaching, and some big names are available. However, the Rockets really don’t have the cap room or assets to make a splash.

With that in mind, the bad news is there probably is not an acquisition that can make them competitive with the Warriors in a seven-game series. (And stop with the “hey, they won in Golden State early in the year.”) That’s no shame; no one will likely compete with Golden State this year barring an injury to Steph Curry or Kevin Durant.

However, the Rockets might be able to take the Spurs in a seven-game series if they can add some more front court depth. A trip to the Western Conference Finals would be one hell of an accomplishment. It will be an interesting week.

Odd selections: Well, not really. It makes sense that the Patriots and Cowboys are your early favorites to make it to Minneapolis for Super Bowl 52.

In case you missed it: Brien O’Donal gives you key dates in the NFL. Disco Biscuit tells us about a Trump order that we should be worried about. 

On to our three shames of the week…

So much for security: This school security guard tried to stop a kid. He got his ass tossed. You might try another line of work, pal.

Shame bell No. 1.


Steal away: If you are a thief, you need to be smart, right? That’s how you avoid getting caught. You certainly don’t rob a place if you are wearing a GPS bracelet from a prior crime. Aren’t you just begging to be caught?

Shame bell No. 2.


And finally…The Harambe jokes are as old as the crying Jordan memes. When will they stop? Probably never, since some idiot paid almost $100k for a cheeto that maybe looked like Harambe. A fool and his money…

Shame bell No. 3.



Shame. Shame. Shame.

— Septa Unella, Game of Thrones.



So yes, the face needs some work. But that body is nice. You know who that is? Our very own Shamer herself, Septa Unella. Or at least the actress who portrays her. Cover the face and enjoy the rest.




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