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Would Ibaka be a fit for the Rockets? Oakley goes nuts, future Houston events and breastfeeding a pig on TV: The update for Feb. 9

Serge Ibaka would look a lot better in a Rockets uniform.

The Rockets reportedly have “some interest” in acquiring Serge Ibaka from Orlando.

On the surface, it would be an incredible acquisition. Ibaka would fit perfectly with what the Rockets are trying to do, and he would improve the team’s rebounding and defense. Would it make them competitive with the Warriors? No. There’s not a player available that could do that. But it might slide them past the Spurs for the second spot in the conference, or at least give them a chance in a potential playoff series with San Antonio.

But it is unlikely to actually happen. First, when was the last time the Rockets made a deal where information was leaked ahead of time? It simply has not happened since Daryl Morey took over. Every move they have made seemingly came out of nowhere. Usually, you hear a bunch of names, then suddenly they acquire a different player whose name you never heard.

Also, what assets do the Rockets really have? The price might not be as high because Ibaka will be a free agent, but Morey has basically spent all his currency. A first round pick does not have a lot of value, because the Rockets are going to be at the back end of the round. Clint Capela? Sam Dekker? They would have some worth, but is the net gain enough if you give up one of those players? Does it make you that much better? And would the Magic even want them considering they gave up better to get Ibaka in the first place?

It’s a compelling rumor, because Ibaka would be a terrific addition. Unfortunately, a rumor is probably all it is.

The good old days: Don’t you miss the time when basketball players were not afraid to mix it up? Charles Oakley was one of those guys. And he is still mixing it up at Knicks games, especially with security guards. At least it caused Twitter’s head to explode last night.

What’s next for H Town? Bidding on more big events. Apparently the city made a great impression. Improvements to NRG will be a must, but there seems to be interest in doing that.

Breast bet: Breastfeeding in public is a matter of international debate. I think  we can all agree doing it on TV is a no. Doing it with a pig on TV? Peru gets the Florida of the Day designation.


“Nuns. No sense of humor.”

— Clancy Brown as The Kurgan in Highlander



We googled “sexy Orlando women” and this perfect creature came up. I do not know if she is actually from Orlando, but do we care? I figured since we probably won’t see Serge Ibaka sent from Orlando, we could enjoy something else of theirs. So enjoy away…


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  1. Love Highlander. It won the academy award for greatest movie ever made!


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