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Best D.C. and Marvel movies, drunk teachers, eating light bulbs, animal sex, Rockets, Astros and more: The update for Feb. 15

Somehow we got on comic book movies yesterday. Admittedly I am a complete dork when it comes to this. I am of the belief that D.C. has the better characters, but Marvel has the better movies. My opinions are probably different from yours, but these are my top five Marvel and D.C. movies. Please weigh in with yours.


  1. Deadpool. This isn’t just the best comic book movie ever made, it’s one of my favorites of any kind. Funny, poignant, clever…it’s written like an old school comic, Ryan Reynolds is fantastic, and the humor is off the charts. Will be tough to knock this out of the top spot.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy. This one caught me completely by surprise. It was not at all what I expected. And maybe that’s why I liked it so much. Well written, great plot, just an all-around awesome movie.
  3. The Blade trilogy. I am a sucker for vampire movies, and these are the best. Wesley Snipes was a complete badass. Blade II was my favorite, but all three were solid.
  4. Iron Man. The first of the new era of Marvel movies, Robert Downey Jr. was a standout, as he is in the Avengers movies. The sequels have not been as good, but the original was awesome.
  5. The Avengers. This was really an Iron Man movie, as Downey stole the show. I liked the second one just as much, but in breaking a tie, go with the original.

Honorable mention: Ant Man.


  1. The Dark Knight Trilogy. If we split these up, they probably go 1-2-3 with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight at the top. These movies are simply amazing. Just an incredible collection. These three stack up with the Marvel movies.
  2. V for Vendetta. Just a fantastic movie, and the subject matter holds up better than ever. And Bald Natalie Portman!
  3. Batman V. Superman. The list falls off here, as this would be middle of the pack in the Marvel world. Reviews were not great, but still a solid film.
  4. Constantine. Other than Keanu Reeves’ bad acting, this is a really solid film. Always a sucker for demons and religious stuff, and this has it all.
  5. Batman. Jack Nicholson’s joker set a standard that only Heath Ledger could top. Not a great movie, but better than everything else in the D.C. world, although you could make a case for Suicide Squad, which was roundly ripped but underrated.

On to the sports:

Bullish on the pen: The Astros paid a steep price for Ken Giles last season. This year he needs to pay off on that. He will be the closer, at least to start the season. If he can perform at a high level, the bullpen should be solid with Luke Gregerson and Will Harris in setup roles, especially if Harris can be anything like what he was the first half of the season.

Scratch that one: The Rockets were interested in Serge Ibaka, but the Magic moved him to Toronto on Tuesday.  He would have been a good addition.

On to our three shames of the week:

Teaching moment? So a bunch of drunk teachers decide to play FMK in a bar. They include co-workers. Students. And yes, special needs students. And they record it. And somehow they still have jobs.

Shame bell No. 1.


Sick puppy: So you are a homeowner. You hire a landscaper. You find him sexing your dog. And your children see it. Yeah, this guy is getting exactly what he deserves.

Shame bell No. 2.


Light…fantastic? Something called the L.A. Beast does a lot of Youtube food challenges. This was not food. He ate light bulbs. Guessing he is going to have a real pain in the glass.

Shame bell No. 3.



With great power comes great responsibility.

— Uncle Ben, Spider Man



Other than bald Natalie Portman, I think we can agree Harley Quinn is the hottest of the hot. Especially in cartoon form. Enjoy.

2 Comments on Best D.C. and Marvel movies, drunk teachers, eating light bulbs, animal sex, Rockets, Astros and more: The update for Feb. 15

  1. I hope that piece of shit dies in the worst most painful way possible. Pardon my english.


  2. I agree.


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