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Will VY be Saskatchewan’s guy? Rockets, big news for Gow, spiders v. snakes and more: The update for Feb. 16

Vince Young is a Houston legend. He was an incredible high school player in the city — as dominant as we have ever seen — and in college led Mack Brown’s Longhorns to a rare national championship.

His NFL career started OK, but fell apart fast. He has had many fits and starts since.

Young has not thrown a pass in the NFL since 2011. He has failed in three camps since. But he has hired agent Leigh Steinberg in hopes of playing football again.

At 33, Young has little to offer NFL teams. But there might be an opportunity for one last shot — north of the border.

Young’s Canadian Football League negotiating rights are held by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. 

The Riders are the most popular team in the CFL. They also just traded their longtime quarterback, Darian Durant, to Montreal. With that in mind, Young might actually be a fit. (Disclaimer: The Riders are the wife’s favorite team, which makes them my favorite team).

(This is also a good time to shamelessly plug my awesome short story/novella, Land of the Living Skies, which features Vegas, witches, and small town Saskatchewan).

At his best, he was a remarkable runner who was inaccurate as a passer but had a terrific  arm. Young in his prime could have been very effective in the CFL. His prime, however, is past. But he could still be effective. Maybe even very good.

It would not resurrect his NFL career. He is probably too old for that. But he might at least get another opportunity to play football. And if he could not play there, it would finally mean it was time to give it up.

Young’s problems were always between his ears. The unbeatable aura he carried throughout college and early in his NFL career was breached, and when that happened he fell apart.

It probably would not work. But if it did? It would be fun to see the old VY again. The CFL is no joke, and is a different game. But maybe — just maybe — Young could succeed. A couple weeks ago, I suggested Johnny Manziel try the same thing. Manziel is young enough to maybe  get another shot at the NFL  if he thrived in the CFL. Young is not. For him, it would be a last chance to play football.

Saskatchewan, VY might be your guy. He probably is not. But it would be fun to see him try.

Heat check: The Rockets can’t beat Miami. The Heat came into Toyota Center and slapped them around again 117-109. James Harden had another triple double, but it did not matter. This was another bad loss for the Rockets.

A good read: Thanks to our buddy Jayoff288 for passing on this story, which is just very well done. The Players Tribune really does a nice job.

Big buy: Our company, Gow Media, has acquired Culture Map, a very successful web site. We have some very exciting plans, which will also be good for this site. Details to come.

Net gain: The Astros have extended the netting at Minute Maid Park. Good move. I have been in those dugout seats. It’s a little scary.

And finally…Spiders suck. Snakes suck. There is no real winner here, just fear.


VY’s my guy.

— Late Titans owner Bud Adams.



Saskatchewan women are underrated. So Vince, you might like it there. Who doesn’t like Regina? Just a little added incentive…

4 Comments on Will VY be Saskatchewan’s guy? Rockets, big news for Gow, spiders v. snakes and more: The update for Feb. 16

  1. The CFL is no joke?? Do you mean like NCAA football is no joke? Or do you mean the CFL could match evenly against the NFL? Please tell me your wife hasn’t been giving you the KoolAid to drink drink Fred!!


  2. The story Corey Hirsch was somthing. He went through some true struggles.


  3. Stephan Kotin // February 16, 2017 at 4:31 pm // Reply

    My wife’s a vegetarian, which pretty much makes me a vegetarian… but boy I sure do love a good burger.


  4. We VY even be able to get into Canada? I have heard and seen that DWI is a reason for disqualification.


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