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Sam Houston Race Park selections for Sat., Feb. 18, with additional analysis not found on the free tip sheet

How to use the picks: These are the same picks you can get on the free tip sheet available  at and on track. They are not meant to necessarily be in exact order, but more an opinion on likely winners.  I am assuming you have some knowledge or have listened to Acing Racing 2016. Here you will get some more detail that what is on the free tip sheet including some suggested plays.


SOUTH TEXAS DRAWL should improve in his second start
Digging deeper: The 3 should improve dramatically here but will be a short price. Not much value in the exotics, either because it will be hard to get around the 2 and 4 as well. Probably passing on this race but might play the 2 or 4 if the 3 gets overbet.
PROPOSITION JOE will be a short price but looks tough
Digging deeper: The 2 is going to be a very short price here and should be favored, but if he falters, anything can happen. So it is basically single the 2 or go very deep, maybe even hit the all ball in the pick 3.
MAGIC GATO might be able to surprise
Digging deeper: This is a struggling group, so I like the 3 to clunk up for a piece at a price. The 3-4-7 will probably get you to the next race in the pick 3s and 4s.
OPENING ROADS just missed in last and should move forward
Digging deeper: Another spread deep kind of race, using the 1-2-3-4-5-6 in pick 3s and 4s. Will also key the 3 with the 1-2-4-5-6 in exactas and tris.
RAISING RUMORS is an all or nothing sort whose best puts him in the mix
Digging deeper: A nice stakes race. I like the 9 to get a piece but not necessarily win. So I will backwheel the 9 in the 2-3 slots with the 1-7-8 on top.
IMYOURKRYPTONITE will be a big price but fits well here
Digging deeper: This is a pretty good betting race; wide-open with a lot of horses that have raced against each other recently. The 9 faced tougher in last and could surprise at a nice price. Will play him across the board and key him in exactas with the 2-4-5-6-7.
ARCHER CITY is a nice sort who should be improving
Digging deeper: Bret Calhoun has this race by the short hairs with the three inside horses. None would be a surprise. But the 7 has excellent speed and will be in the mix as well. Using the top four will probably get you through the pick fours and threes.
TIZ DYNA will be a solid price and could be in the mix
Digging deeper: Another good betting race, we will take the 8 across the board. Good barn, comes off a nice win.
K ONE KOBRA is consistent and will be in the mix
Digging deeper: The 1 will take all the money, but the 7 has some value and will be worth a small play.
UNREAL DEAL can win right back
Digging deeper: The 4 should be a fair price and get a nice trip behind the speed. Will play across the board.

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