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Big words from James Harden, a big trade for New Orleans, a big UFC win and a big fall for a teacher turned stripper: The update for Feb. 20

James Harden is having a terrific season, and the Rockets are following along. Harden does not lack confidence in fimself, and that came out again in a lengthy interview with Time Magazine.

Harden, who has never lacked for confidence, reiterated the belief he is the best player in the world. 

If you just read the hedline, you would think Harden is being boastful and delusional. But if you dig into the comments, they are less inflammatory than the hedline. He makes the case for himself, then says all great players think that about themselves. The main difference is the other guys have NBA titles and MVP awards on their resumes. The latter might actually happen for Harden this year. The former? Well, that might be a stretch.

All of the things Harden describes about himself works pretty well for that Lebron James character, too. Plus he has some titles and MVPs in the trophy case, too.

Is Harden the best? No. Is the case he makes ridiculous? Absolutely not. But it’s the kind of statement that will get people talking.

3-mendous: One thing Harden is doing better this season is making the players around him better as well. One of those is Eric Gordon, who won the 3-point contest at All-Star weekend.

Boogie nights in New Orleans? The Pelicans have acquired Boogie Cousins from Sacramento. Cousins and Anthony Davis should make a nice 1-2 punch inside for a team that has been disappointing. Cousins can be a free agent after 2017-18. The Kings — one of the worst organizations in sports — got almost nothing for him.

Gotta love the Beast: Houston’s Derrick Lewis is making a name for himself in the UFC with six straight wins. Considering some of the, um, hurdles he faced in this one? A nice win. Lewis is also one of the most entertaining post fight interviews.

In case you missed it….Lamont Mann looks for a definition of Fake News.

And finally…So you are a teacher. You sex a student and get fired. Then you go to work as a stripper. Bambi? Really? She wound up in jail anyway. Pretty much a life spiraling out of control.


“Where’s Ronda Rousey’s fine ass at?”

— Derrick Lewis, after knocking out Rousey’s boyfriend Travis Browne



So this is Mary Beth Haglin, aka “Bambi.” I don’t know how hot she is, but figured the people would want an idea of just how she looked, and we are here for the people. Enjoy. Or don’t.



1 Comment on Big words from James Harden, a big trade for New Orleans, a big UFC win and a big fall for a teacher turned stripper: The update for Feb. 20

  1. Teachers didn’t look like that when I was in school.


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