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Fargo return date set and more TV news, Rockets are back, a jersey update, dangerous flying tires and more: The update for Feb. 23

The TV landscape right now is a little thin. There simply is not much in the way of iconic series happening at the moment.

But good news, TV friends;  Fargo season 3 has a premier date set. The FX series will return on April 19. Season 3 will be set in 2010, with Ewan McGregor the biggest name.

The first season, featuring Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman, was terrific. Season 2 was equally good right up until the weird UFO scene that was just completely stupid. Other than that, it was fantastic. Bokeem Woodbine stole the show in a breakthrough performance.

They have done a great job of keeping the grit and humor of the original movie going, while still moving the story forward. They tied both seasons together beautifully, and this year should do the same. It would be a surprise if it is not very well done.

Orphan Black will return for a final season, but not until June 10. Game of Thrones is still a ways off. So at least Fargo’s return will provide something to look forward to until the other shows begin.

There is a lot of decent TV right now, but not that iconic, water cooler type show going on at the moment. Give the TV world credit;  unlike Hollywood, which is caught up in remakes and reboots and boredom, most cable channels are doing creative work.

Netflix and Amazon have gotten in the game, too, and the storytelling is better than ever. Right now I am watching Sneaky Pete, which is a con type show. So far, to quote Wooly B., “like it don’t love it.” I also recently binged the old BBC series Jekyll on Amazon. (Not to be confused with the 10 episode Jekyll and Hyde).  Jekyll was written by Steven Moffatt, who also wrote the brilliant BBC series Sherlock. It is well worth your time.

So while things are slow, it might be worth checking those out. But we are not that far away from Fargo and some other iconic shows returning. And at least now we have a date.

Rockets return: The Rockets get back in action tonight when they take on the New Orleans Pelicans. Both teams made recent acquisitions, but neither player is expected  to see the court tonight.

Still on the hunt: Tom Brady is having fun with his stolen jersey, putting together a pretty funny suspect board.

Mixed reviews: The Astros weigh in on the new intentional walk rule.

In case you missed it…Brien O’Donal’s NFL offseason guide looks at franchise and transition tags. Disco Biscuit began her breakdown of Oscar nominated movies.

And finally…Yeah, life can disappear fast. So many things can kill or injure you. Including a flying a tire. Beware, my friends.


“Television is chewing gum for the eyes.”

— Frank Lloyd Wright



There is something about hot women and snow. Cold weather hotties rock. In honor of Fargo’s return, we bring you these young ladies. They certainly smoke up the slopes. Yes, I am disgusted that you want to see this. But enjoy nonetheless.


1 Comment on Fargo return date set and more TV news, Rockets are back, a jersey update, dangerous flying tires and more: The update for Feb. 23

  1. Suprised Fargo is coming back so soon. I remember reading somewhere the creators didn’t really have a story in mind but that they wanted to do something involving smart phones and social media. Hopefully it isn’t True Detective season 2 all over again, where the network rushed the writers to come up with something to continue the momentum of season 1.


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