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MST 3K is back! Rockets news, Canelo news, Diesel the hit dog news and more: The update for Feb. 24

One of the all-time great TV series is about to return in a new iteration on Netflix. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST 3k for the ADD crowd) will be rebooted and will crank up again in April. 

Oh hell yes. MST3k featured a guy and two robots trapped on a spaceship and forced to watch bad movies. They commented on them throughout. It was a simple, hilarious concept. (If you can find MST 3K: Cave Dwellers, watch it. If you do not like that one, the show is not for you).

There will be a new cast and new voices of Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, but it will be fun to see what they do. This show was one of my all-time favorite comedies and bringing it back is a no-brainer.

My favorite part of the story is some of the comments. “I don’t get this show.” What’s not to get? Making fun of bad, obscure movies. You probably don’t get the concept of air, either. (I can understand not liking it, but not getting it? Did you struggle with those pesky colors in pre-K as well?).

Regardless, it’s back, and I could not be happier.

That did not take long: The Pelicans acquisition of Boogie Cousins was the big news before Thursday’s game with the Rockets. But Houston’s new acquisition, Lou Williams, stole the show, scoring 27 points in his Rockets debut in a 129-99 Houston victory. The good news for the Rockets is they won a game by 30 on a night that  James Harden scored just 13.

Speaking of the Rockets…They used deadline day to ride themselves of a couple young players — K.J. McDaniels and Tyler Ennis — ostensibly to clear cap space to sign a veteran who gets waived in the coming days. Andrew Bogut appears to be the target, but he will draw a lot of interest.

Adios, A.J? Cornerback A.J. Bouye would like to stay with the Texans, but unless they waive Jonathan Joseph, it is unlikely to happen. Bouye is going to command a big salary on the open market, and the Texans should let him walk. Overpaying a player for one good season is a recipe for disaster.

Pur em up: Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. were in Houston to promote their fight in May. But all the talk was about a potential superfight between Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. Oscar De La Hoya made it sound like it would happen, but color us skeptical. Why risk Alvarez losing to a superior fighter when he is such a big PPV draw?

Diesel the hit dog: You have to admit, the idea of a dog as a trained killer is pretty cool. And this Florida man tried to pin a shooting on him. No, it is unlikely the dog ate his homework, but the idea that Diesel is out there and ready to shoot your girlfriend in the leg? Makes life worth living.





In honor of Canelo and Chavez being in town, we googled “hot boxing women” and this one came up. Who would not want to get in the ring with this young lady? She can take a swing at me any day. (That is, of course, if I was as perverted as those of you who keep insisting on hotties).


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  1. The Legend of Boggy Creek 2 is a great one as well.


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