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Sam Houston Race Park selections for Tuesday, Feb. 28 with additional analysis not found on the free tip sheet

How to use the picks: These are the same picks you can get on the free tip sheet available  at and on track. They are not meant to necessarily be in exact order, but more an opinion on likely winners.  I am assuming you have some knowledge or have listened to Acing Racing 2016.  We give a little more detail here than what you get on the tip sheet and throw in a few potential plays.


Both halves of the entry could be a factor in this wide open event
Digging deeper: This is about as wide open as it gets. Might just start doubles and pick 3s with the ALL ticket here.
EASY MONEY MAN should enjoy the return to the turf
Digging deeper: This one looks like a three horse race with the 3-4-6, which we will use in the early double and pick 3s.
PLASKA should improve off last race
Digging deeper: This is one where you can go short and use the 4-6. If you add another horse, throw in the 3.
AT BAT has excellent speed and will be tough to catch
Digging deeper: Another race where you can probably just go two deep with the 3 and 6.
RAPID LADY could be ready to go in debut
Digging deeper: Taking a shot with a firster from the Pish barn, which is finally heating up. Will play across the board and go deep in pick 3s with the top four listed above and the 1 and 8.
LAND OF DIXIE should move up on the turf
Digging deeper: Kind of hard to get past the 1 here, but if he doesn’t run, anything can happen. Likely passing on this one.
HUNDRED YEARS has been in good form as of late
Digging deeper: Like the 8 as a trifecta key horse here. Will wheel him with the 3-7-9 with all and 3-7-9 with 8 with all in the tris.
MR FAST DIXIE GOLD might appreciate the stretch out
Digging deeper:  Will take the 8 across the board and hope he handles the added distance. Not a big play.
SHE’S LETHAL has been on a tear this meet
Digging deeper: This looks like a two-horse race. Will play the 5 to win and will use the 4-5 in the late double.
SPOOFY DO ran well on the turf in last
Digging deeper: Another competitive group. Will use the 1-4-5-6-9 in the late doubles and will play the 9 across the board.

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