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Where will Andrew Bogut land? Texans targets, TV news, sword-wielding Wal Mart people and more: The update for Feb. 28

Where will Andrew Bogut wind up? Probably Cleveland, according to reports.

When the Rockets gave away Tyler Ennis and K.J. McDaniels at the trade deadline, ostensibly to clear cap space to pick up a veteran.

The No. 1 target is reportedly Andrew Bogut, who was bought out by the Philadelphia 76ers. The Cavs, Celtics and Spurs are also expected to pursue Bogut, who will most likely wind up in Cleveland. The Rockets can offer the most money, but the Cavs offer the best path to the Finals.

Bogut would be a nice addition for the playoffs, and might tighten the gap between the Spurs and Rockets. But it appears to be a foregone conclusion that he will wind up in Cleveland and the Rockets will have to move on to Plan B. There will be other players waived, and other names will come up. Bogut will be the biggest, even if it does not happen.

Speaking of the Rockets: They took on Indiana on Monday night and got drilled 117-108. It was one of those games that should have you concerned about the playoffs. They were terrible shooting 3s (10 of 45) and struggle against teams with decent bigs when they are not able to force the pace.

Beefing up the roster? Fox has five potential free agents the Texans should target. I really like Nos. 2 and 3 on the list. If they could pull that off…

TV update: The other day, we mentioned that MST 3K is returning and that Fargo will be back as well. Turns out April is going to be a great month. Better Call Saul and The Leftovers also return. Not sure about the Leftovers but can’t wait for Saul.

Horsing around: Here are the picks for today’s races at Sam Houston Race Park. Good luck.

Amd finally, Blades of Gory: Wal Mart. Swords. A messed up dude. What could possibly go wrong?


“Hey. They laughed at Louis Armstrong when he said he was gonna go to the moon. Now he’s up there, laughing at them.”

— Will Ferrell as Chaz Michael Michaels in Blades of Glory



Andrew Bogut is Australian. So in his honor, we googled “hot Australian women.” This is Aussie actress and model Nicky Whelan. Supply your own “down under” jokes. Or posting up jokes. Bogut won’t likely make it to Houston, but this youngster is welcome to visit anytime. Only, of course, if you are a disgusting pig who likes this kind of thing.



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